teen boy driving

Season of a New Driver

Well hello, friend! Yes, you, the friend that I haven't seen in at least 16 years when my life forever changed. You, the friend who I see at a basketball games, volleyball matches, baseball games or the horse stables. We say, "Let's catch up sometime." I've got time now to take a step back and [...]
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mother and child by the water

A Mother’s Legacy

March 13, 2016 is a day I will never forget. As my husband and I nervously lifted the test, we saw the word that would change our lives forever - pregnant. Just like that, my journey to motherhood began. As I stared at those eight letters I began to wonder what kind of mother I [...]
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Turn Apologies into Gratitude

Perhaps we are people-pleasers. Perhaps we feel inferior. Maybe we are trying to overcome a lifetime of perfectionism. Regardless of the reason, we say "I'm sorry" a lot. Have you noticed?   I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry the house is a mess. I'm sorry I didn't write (or call or text) sooner. I'm sorry [...]
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Local Jazz Places with My Active Boy

My three-year-old son is a very active boy. He likes listening to music but cannot just sit quietly and focus on the stage. When he was two years old, we went to our first concert at IU Auditorium. Once the lights started dimming, he shouted “Mommy dark!” with immense excitement. (Dark was a word that [...]
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Girl touching the airplane window

Top 10 Air Travel Tips with Kids

Air travel with kids can be fun, but also stressful. But, believe me when I say I'd rather spend a few hours 25,000 feet in the air than a few days in a car. My kids have traveled by plane from a very young age so I consider myself a travel with kids semi-pro. Here [...]
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little boy with a messy food face

Embrace the Mess

Before I had a child I was pretty nuts about all of my home décor being in the perfect place. I would stay up late the night before guests arrived just to ensure the house was in tip-top shape.  Then, reality set in hard after we had our son. We have a toddler. Also known [...]
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