• Bloomington's Guide to Birthday Parties

Energy Bites!

Actually, energy doesn’t bite. Hangry bites. And here’s a solution.  It’s 4pm on a typical Saturday in Bloomington. We’ve been to the farmers market, a birthday party at Bryan Park, and we’re just finishing up errands around town. We’re at least 2 hours from a sit down dinner, and we’re all hot, tired, and SO […]

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Connect With Your Family, Not Your Phone

Before you begin to read this post, open up the “Settings” in your phone and locate where it says how much time you spend on average per day, per week, per month, on your phone.   Now take a nice, deep breath because I know, it’s shocking. Who knew that time warps existed and that […]

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Lacing Up and the Ties That Bind: Reflecting on a Co-ed Sport

There are eight of them. Four boys and four girls. They attend a small school where the community is tight. They feel the absence when someone leaves, and they quickly know the new kid. They are multi-sport athletes, accomplished students, student leaders, community thespians, and likeable teenagers. And, every fall for the last five years, [...]
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Fool-Proof Banana Bread

Raise your hand if you regularly throw out bananas because you’ve bought too many from the store again and now they are now brown (I see you, raising your hand). Never do this again. Ultra ripe bananas make the absolute banana bread. We have two kids in our house so we tend to keep a [...]
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5 Mom Must-Haves for Survival  

Ever find yourself in a difficult situation with your kids that an ounce of prevention could have helped? Thanks to watching and learning from other moms over the years, I have learned some tidbits here and there that have saved me a world of trouble. I’d love to share some of these with you so [...]
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