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5 Mom Must-Haves for Survival  

Ever find yourself in a difficult situation with your kids that an ounce of prevention could have helped? Thanks to watching and learning from other moms over the years, I have learned some tidbits here and there that have saved me a world of trouble. I’d love to share some of these with you so [...]
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letter board that says things to do on desktop

Combatting the “Shoulds”

We all hear them or read them. All of the things we should be doing to be happy, healthy, productive, and winning at life. You should exercise more and feel energized after doing so. Exercise is good, no doubt. However, I have rarely felt energized afterwards, and now the reality is I have arthritis in [...]
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Hand of child reaching out

Battling Entitlement

Have you ever tried to do something special for your kids, only to have them complain about it or during it? Few things irritate me more with my children than ingratitude. Luckily, they know this and have improved tremendously. I vividly remember promising to take them to a movie only to end up staying home [...]
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One Word to Change Your Life

One Word to Change Your Life

Can you think of a time you had to do something you didn’t want to do, but knew you had little choice? Having a positive attitude in the midst of a situation like that isn’t easy. Sometimes as a wife and/or as a mom, decisions like these are necessary. I had to make a particularly [...]
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little boy asleep in bed

Bedtime: Burden or Blessing?

Head-butt, hug, kiss, high five, knuckles, 1-2-3 pow!!! This was my oldest son’s bedtime ritual for many years. It started with the hug and kiss then over time he kept adding things to prolong the tucking in process for as long as possible. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the last time we [...]
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Young gamer playing video game wearing headphone.

Living in a Virtual World

I vividly remember sitting in my friend’s brother’s room playing Space Invaders on his Atari as a kid. The ability to play a video game seemed rather amazing at the time. If only I knew at the time what gaming would be like 35 years down the road, it wouldn’t have seemed nearly so impressive! [...]
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