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Classroom desks

Why Middle School Isn’t the End of the World

In the last year, I've noticed something unsettling among us moms – myself included. When someone says their kid is headed to middle school there is fear of monumental proportions. This fear is not silent or mature. This fear that I've been seeing vocalizes itself to any ear that will listen. It instantly cripples the [...]
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packing moving boxes

Moving Well

Moving? Chances are you either just did or have plans to sooner than later. It's just how the world works these days. A quick Google search confirms that moving is one of the most stressful things we can go through—with 47 million results to prove it. I might as well start off by saying I [...]
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woman sitting alone

When You Can’t Do It All

"Do you need anything?" That four word question holds enormous power. Unfortunately, it often amounts to nothing, through no conscious fault of either the asker or answerer. I'm not sure how or why this happens. But, at least in our culture, asking for help is seen as desperate or for emergencies only. Maybe we saw [...]
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