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Self-Care in Small Degrees: Finding Even a Little Time for You

Self-Care. It's currently a hot topic, especially among mothers, and for good reason. When we become a parent, a massive shift happens literally overnight when we introduce this tiny person who doesn't care about our desire to binge watch Netflix or head out for dinner at 8:00pm. There’s a reason a blog post or meme about how hard motherhood is [...]
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6 Ways To Lighten The Laundry Load

Laundry. It's the worst, right? People often complain about laundry and for good reason: it's one of those household chores that never ends. Unless your family is walking around naked, there will always, always be dirty clothes. While that is discouraging, there are a few ways I tackle the mountains of laundry that lighten the [...]
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Books I've Ready Lately

Books I’ve Read Lately

I love reading book recommendations and adding books to my to-read list! I hope you do too, because today I'm back with my favorite fiction reads of the past few months. Trust be told, I suffered through a string of "meh" books this winter, but don't worry, I've left them off my list. Per usual, [...]
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You Sure Have Your Hands Full

You Sure Have Your Hands Full

It’s inevitable. When I take my tribe anywhere, at least once I will hear, “You sure have your hands full!” I don’t necessarily take this as a criticism, and it is much preferred over other comments I receive  (“Are these all yours?” or simply “Woah!”). But my mind wanders a bit when I hear this […]

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