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Slumber party timeless childhood tradition. Girls relaxing on bed. Slumber party concept. Girls just want to have fun. Invite friend for sleepover. Best friends forever. Consider theme slumber party.

Traditions with My Daughters

We have two daughters at our house, growing up right before our very eyes. At 7 and 9, they are turning into little ladies, and I have to say I AM HERE FOR IT. But I didn't always know I'd love it.  I Saw Myself as A Boy Mom, But... Growing up, and even in [...]
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Self-Care in Small Degrees: Finding Even a Little Time for You

Self-Care. It's currently a hot topic, especially among mothers, and for good reason. When we become a parent, a massive shift happens literally overnight when we introduce this tiny person who doesn't care about our desire to binge watch Netflix or head out for dinner at 8:00pm. There’s a reason a blog post or meme about how hard motherhood is [...]
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6 Ways To Lighten The Laundry Load

Laundry. It's the worst, right? People often complain about laundry and for good reason: it's one of those household chores that never ends. Unless your family is walking around naked, there will always, always be dirty clothes. While that is discouraging, there are a few ways I tackle the mountains of laundry that lighten the [...]
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Books I've Ready Lately

Books I’ve Read Lately

I love reading book recommendations and adding books to my to-read list! I hope you do too, because today I'm back with my favorite fiction reads of the past few months. Trust be told, I suffered through a string of "meh" books this winter, but don't worry, I've left them off my list. Per usual, [...]
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