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Always, Always Hope

Always, Always Hope

I know September is technically Suicide Prevention Month, but for me, it will always be November. It was the week before Thanksgiving, 1986, when my teenage brother took his own life. After 30 years of piecing things together, we can still only speculate on the “why?”

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Getting Started with Yoga

Part 2: Getting Started with Yoga

Even if you think you aren’t flexible (that’s why we do yoga). Even if you have injuries (there’s always an elegant solution, as one very wise teacher reminds us). Even if you’re overweight (have you ever heard of chair yoga). There is a class for you where you are right now.

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Running family

My Husband Issued a Family Challenge

At the turn of the new year, my husband issued a family challenge. The Plan He told the kids that he’d pay them a significant amount of money to train for and run a 5k race using the Couch to 5K running program app. There were two conditions–no skipping any training sessions and we had to [...]
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student homeschool

Kick Off the Homeschool Year Smoothly

Homeschool time is here again! Whether this is your first year teaching at home or you've been doing it forever, it's always an adjustment. Getting back into the routine takes patience and perseverance. I homeschooled for 10 years and finally learned a few things that helped start our year off more smoothly. Ease Into It [...]
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girl reading and studying

Three Weeks Left: Earn Back-to-School Bucks

No, mommas, YOU aren't earning the back-to-school bucks. Your kiddos are! You've already earned a million bonus points for getting this far into the summer with grace. There are three weeks left until school starts. Around here there are two kinds of rumblings. One kind is a hint of boredom. Tired of the pool, camps [...]
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Turn Apologies into Gratitude

Perhaps we are people-pleasers. Perhaps we feel inferior. Maybe we are trying to overcome a lifetime of perfectionism. Regardless of the reason, we say "I'm sorry" a lot. Have you noticed?   I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry the house is a mess. I'm sorry I didn't write (or call or text) sooner. I'm sorry [...]
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