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Two boys playing outside with sand and water

Why We Don’t Do Playdates

Playdates seem to be all the rage these days. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely value the role playdates have in socializing children, helping them to establish relationships and grow friendships. They provide a much-needed break for non-hosting parents and help parents make connections with other adults. However, we have opted out as a family. Trust me, [...]
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Pregnant woman sitting in a rocking chair looking at her belly

Part 2: Making Maternity Leave Work for You

There are many opinions about how to approach maternity leave, and rightfully so. Each new mom and their employer have a different set of needs and expectations. This two-part series suggests some key things you should consider while planning your maternity leave. In Part 1: Making Maternity Leave Work for You we talked about: Starting your leave early [...]
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Mother’s Day as a Daughter

Mother’s Day means more to me as a daughter, than a mom. When I was seven years old, my mom was my entire world. I was her sidekick, she was my constant companion, and I thought she hung the moon. At 17, she was still pretty cool, but I only leaned on her for functional [...]
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