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Energy Bites!

Actually, energy doesn’t bite. Hangry bites. And here’s a solution.  It’s 4pm on a typical Saturday in Bloomington. We’ve been to the farmers market, a birthday party at Bryan Park, and we’re just finishing up errands around town. We’re at least 2 hours from a sit down dinner, and we’re all hot, tired, and SO […]

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Adventures in Composting

"We had science today!" My son announced the above with glee as he climbed into the car after school. "We learned about worms! And composting!" At home, my son pulled out the handouts he received from the guest science teacher that day. "It's good for the earth, mommy. Can we try it? What do you [...]
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Large marshmallow in bowl, wooden background, top view

The Marshmallow Challenge: What We Can Learn From Kindergartners

Have you heard of the Marshmallow Challenge? I was introduced to it years ago when I worked with undergraduate business majors and MBA students. It's an entertaining team building exercise, where groups of four receive 20 pieces of hard spaghetti, string, tape, and a large marshmallow. The teams have 18 minutes to build a structure [...]
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2 boys in pillow fight on bed

Roughhousing: A Story of Reconciliation

"They are like little bear cubs."   I laughed because my friend described the scene perfectly. Our boys, similar in size and similar in their love of rough-and-tumble play, were rolling around on the ground pinning each other, then rolling around some more.  I didn't grow up with roughhousing. Sure, my friends and I loved [...]
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