Spring Beauty Hacks for the Busy Mom

Spring Beauty Hacks for the Busy Mom

It’s Spring! Time to bust out the florals, pastels, and lipglosses. Basically, give me all of the things I loved as a middle schooler. 

As busy moms, it’s hard to keep up with fashion and beauty trends. When you spend your days chasing kids and wiping butts, sometimes you don’t even feel like making an effort. But, Spring is the best time of year to experiment! The weather is warm, but not so hot your makeup will be melting off your face. It’s also not so humid that your hair will resemble a lion’s mane.

Here are my favorite must-have Fashion and Beauty trends for Spring, no matter what’s “in style”:

A great, lightweight jacket

Yes, the denim one you were rocking in the fall is perfectly acceptable paired with capris, shorts, or even a cute skirt. I took it a step farther and even bought a pink one. Pink is always in for Spring! I also grabbed a khaki colored utility style jacket that is neutral and matches everything (and has loads of pockets for stashing things your kiddos hand you throughout the day.)

A fun, floral top

Get one in a fun print that will make you think SPRING even on rainy days. Splashy florals on a sheer, button-up blouse will make you feel put together, even when you’re rocking a third day, dry shampooed mom bun.

Pastel flats

I own a shameful amount of shoes, but cute flats are my go-to. Pastels are great with denim or white, anything really, and make pretty much everything you already own feel more Spring-y.

Wake up your face

We’re in the last few weeks of school, running towards Summer with arms wide open, trying to fit in all of the last minute things. We’re tired…and it shows on our faces. Get yourself some eye-depuffer. This one has been a lifesaver for me over the past few weeks. It will make you look and feel awake and ready to take on whatever these last few weeks have to throw at you.

Pink your makeup

For some reason, this time of year I wear a lot less heavy makeup and go for pretty pink glosses. Splurge for something a little shiny that makes you feel flirty. A neutral pink shade that you can just throw on, that makes you feel pretty. Even if all you’re doing is driving carpool. Some pink blush (maybe get a cream blush or stick you can swipe on as a blush, shadow, or even your lips like this one!), the aforementioned gloss, and a little mascara and you’re ready to slay this season!

So, even if you’re too busy or too tired to care, you can still look like you put a lot of effort into your Spring wardrobe and makeup bag. 

What trends are you loving for Spring?

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