Confessions of a New Kindergarten Mom

A year ago, I remember thinking only one more year of preschool! We have an entire year of brand new adventures and learning. I have 365 days to mentally prepare for the start of a big transition. And now, that year has almost come to an end! The first day of Kindergarten is looming, and I am in no way, shape, or form ready. 

School Readiness 

I thought I would be able to handle it. Our goal as parents is to raise independent, brave kids, who can take on a brand new challenge with little or no fear. We have so far succeeded, with our son, in that area. He is all of those things and is beyond ready to take on the challenge of Kindergarten. 

I put all my effort into preparing him for elementary school. He has always been enrolled in daycare/preschool even though I stay home. School and learning are very important to us. I wanted him to have the socialization when he was little and learn to be around other kids his age. The older he got, the more I wanted him to learn and grow as a preschool student. Even though I work with him at home, I knew it was good for him to have classroom experience and learn a routine. 

Kindergarten is hard on the Heart

Somehow, I thought all of this prep would prepare me…but nothing can prepare my heart for what is about to happen. Sometimes the thought of the first day brings tears to my eyes. There are days I dread walking you through that door. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were bringing you home for the first time?! We have made it through lots of milestones but this one is particularly hard. It seems like a giant step into the start of childhood. 

As excited for him as I am that he will learn to read, do math, science and all the other wonderful aspects of learning. As a former teacher, I know how quickly the school years fly by and one year goes into the next. I feel like time will speed up and he will grow up much faster than I am willing to let him. 

Kindergarten Mom Prep

I easily become overwhelmed with all the new kindergarten mom emotions. The day will come and I am trying to prepare myself the best I can. I have found a few things that have eased a little of my roller coaster of emotions. 

  1. I tell myself he is ready and so excited! I should be excited for him, too!
  2. Other parents have faced this same fear. I can do this! (maybe with tears)
  3. Talk to more experienced parents about how they felt and how they prepared themselves

How did you feel when your kids started school and what did you do? Or, how are you feeling if this is your first time, too? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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