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Hand of child reaching out

Battling Entitlement

Have you ever tried to do something special for your kids, only to have them complain about it or during it? Few things irritate me more with my children than ingratitude. Luckily, they know this and have improved tremendously. I vividly remember promising to take them to a movie only to end up staying home [...]
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Happy woman cleaning home, singing at mop like at microphone and having fun, copy space. Housework, chores concept

Tidying Up All Year: Making Your House a Place of Joy

I just recently watched the ultra-popular “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix and found myself feeling so uneasy for the individuals on the show. The concept up “tidying up” is not new to me but it fascinated me to see how amazing people and families could become so enslaved to things. At times, rather [...]
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Warm and cozy window seat with cushions and a opened book, light through vintage shutters, rustic style home decor.

Decorating Tips for a Cozy Home

I'm a paint your walls every couple of years, move the furniture every few months kinda gal. I switch out my decor with the seasons, and am constantly on the hunt for fun pieces to accent my rooms. Marie Kondo would shake her head at me I'm sure, but decorating an inviting home for others [...]
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