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Life is a Highway…When You’re a Carpool Parent

There’s nothing quite like driving the 5th-grade boys’ sports carpool. What? A van load of five or six tweens doesn’t sound like a blessing? I just didn’t realize how sweet it was until I started driving the 7th-grade boys around. Teenagers. Now my vehicle smells like teen spirit (not in a good way) and I mostly drive [...]
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Happy mother and baby laying on meadow

Don’t Be A Bucket Dumper: Helping Kids Understand Happiness

I don't know what it is about bath time that encourages my little monkey to share her day. Not just the 'what did you have for lunch?' or the 'what did you learn at school' conversations. But the moments in her day that are still on her mind. The ones she's proud of, or worried about. [...]
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Battling Entitlement

Have you ever tried to do something special for your kids, only to have them complain about it or during it? Few things irritate me more with my children than ingratitude. Luckily, they know this and have improved tremendously. I vividly remember promising to take them to a movie only to end up staying home [...]
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