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A small yellow bowl filled with vanilla flavored wafer cookies on a wood table top illuminated with natural light.

I Will Not Give My Child Cookies For Breakfast… and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves.

We've all been there. Pre-children and walking around the mall when it happens... a child throws themselves on the ground and screams. You look at the parent, mortified for them, and see them standing by the child watching this meltdown occur. You think to yourself, "I will never allow my kids to do that." Or [...]
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Close up of colorful Easter eggs in a basket

Hopping Into Spring: Non-Candy Ideas to Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket

Spring has arrived and believe it or not, Easter is just around the corner! Lately, the weather has been warming up which has me dreaming about our spring activities, tulips at my kitchen table, and our friend the Easter Bunny visiting very soon! While I love to add the traditional Easter candies like jelly beans [...]
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Large marshmallow in bowl, wooden background, top view

The Marshmallow Challenge: What We Can Learn From Kindergartners

Have you heard of the Marshmallow Challenge? I was introduced to it years ago when I worked with undergraduate business majors and MBA students. It's an entertaining team building exercise, where groups of four receive 20 pieces of hard spaghetti, string, tape, and a large marshmallow. The teams have 18 minutes to build a structure [...]
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Happy woman cleaning home, singing at mop like at microphone and having fun, copy space. Housework, chores concept

Tidying Up All Year: Making Your House a Place of Joy

I just recently watched the ultra-popular “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix and found myself feeling so uneasy for the individuals on the show. The concept up “tidying up” is not new to me but it fascinated me to see how amazing people and families could become so enslaved to things. At times, rather [...]
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Beautiful young woman relaxing on the sofa at home, watching tv and enjoying coffee

My Top 5 Romantic Comedies

When I was a young, budding romantic in my early twenties, romantic comedies were my go-to movies. They had everything I was looking for… comedy, romance, an obstacle to overcome, and then the grand finale kiss. This was what my love life was going to look like when I got there eventually, right? Real life [...]
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