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Lacing Up and the Ties That Bind: Reflecting on a Co-ed Sport

There are eight of them. Four boys and four girls. They attend a small school where the community is tight. They feel the absence when someone leaves, and they quickly know the new kid. They are multi-sport athletes, accomplished students, student leaders, community thespians, and likeable teenagers. And, every fall for the last five years, [...]
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I am My Child’s Lovey

Pink Baby was her name, and she was my everything from age 1 to college. I took her everywhere! And, my parents had an extra one hidden in my closet just in case I lost her. She was my lovey. I fully intended on doing the same for my kiddo, stocking up a few of [...]
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Close up of colorful Easter eggs in a basket

Hopping Into Spring: Non-Candy Ideas to Fill Your Child’s Easter Basket

Spring has arrived and believe it or not, Easter is just around the corner! Lately, the weather has been warming up which has me dreaming about our spring activities, tulips at my kitchen table, and our friend the Easter Bunny visiting very soon! While I love to add the traditional Easter candies like jelly beans [...]
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