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Child Carrying fruit

6 Tips For Helping Your Child Eat Nutritious Foods

It’s imperative that our children get the adequate nutrients they need for proper mental health, physical growth, energy levels and much more. I wrote in a past post about why nutrients are essential to our children’s health, along with some suggestions for quick and easy food ideas. As parents, we play a critical role in [...]
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Woman writing in notebook

Every Day Thoughts: The Things I Think

Do you pay attention to what you are thinking? Sometimes I think it's amazing to actually journal all the various things that pass through my mind in a moment or a day. They may contradict each other. They may motivate me. They can also make me sad. Our thoughts can sway from one extreme to [...]
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Finding the Girl in the Mirror: Remembering You in the Ups and Downs of Motherhood

Who is that girl? After many sleepless nights, I took notice of my reflection staring back at me in the mirror. Who is that girl? I did not recognize this person with tired eyes, black circles, probably wearing yesterday's t-shirt, and overly caffeinated to try and make it through the day.   The reflection I saw [...]
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