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When You Feel Your Lowest as a New Mom: Field Notes from the Battlefield of Motherhood

Let's be honest for just a minute. My hair is falling out. Not just a little bit, but by the handfuls. If that wasn't enough, after a bout of February-itis, I decided to cut my own bangs. Brilliant! I now have an inch between my eyebrows and my hairline. My stomach is not good. I'm [...]
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10 Ways to Grandparent from a Distance

10 Ways to Grandparent from a Distance

Yes, grandparenting long distance is much more commonplace these days, and chances are you too are raising your children apart from extended family and loved ones. While pursuing your education or your career may have carried you some distance away from built-in babysitters and your support network, some of the greatest advancements in communication and [...]
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Putting Your Spouse First I will never forget the day my mother-in-law handed me a book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. My initial reaction was something like, “What about the proper care and feeding of ME,” which later led me to believe... Why We Don't Do Playdates Trust me, we aren’t [...]
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