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Happy mother and baby laying on meadow

Don’t Be A Bucket Dumper: Helping Kids Understand Happiness

I don't know what it is about bath time that encourages my little monkey to share her day. Not just the 'what did you have for lunch?' or the 'what did you learn at school' conversations. But the moments in her day that are still on her mind. The ones she's proud of, or worried about. [...]
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Sad woman celebrating Christmas at home alone: she is sitting on the sofa and waiting for messages on her smartphone

When it’s Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holiday season can bring an array of emotions for many. Excitement. Joy. Love. Hope. After all, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” right?  The holiday spirit can be contagious with all of the family events, light displays, and shop local events. It’s easy to quickly fill the calendar up with plans. As [...]
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When You Feel Your Lowest as a New Mom: Field Notes from the Battlefield of Motherhood

Let's be honest for just a minute. My hair is falling out. Not just a little bit, but by the handfuls. If that wasn't enough, after a bout of February-itis, I decided to cut my own bangs. Brilliant! I now have an inch between my eyebrows and my hairline. My stomach is not good. I'm [...]
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10 Ways to Grandparent from a Distance

10 Ways to Grandparent from a Distance

Yes, grandparenting long distance is much more commonplace these days, and chances are you too are raising your children apart from extended family and loved ones. While pursuing your education or your career may have carried you some distance away from built-in babysitters and your support network, some of the greatest advancements in communication and [...]
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