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american football on grass

Being a Football Family

Raising a child around team sports and learning the lessons they provide has changed our family for the better. My husband is the head coach of the Eastern Greene Football program. This is his first year in this position but he has been a high school assistant for the last eight years and was a [...]
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Becoming A Contributor: Finding My Voice Again with Bloomington Moms Blog

Becoming A Contributor: Finding My Voice Again with Bloomington Moms Blog

Let’s face it, that first year of motherhood is full of adjustments. Your normal sleep schedule goes down the drain. Your routine, your weekly date night, in fact, all your plans are tossed out the window. And, typically, your beauty regimen goes right along with everything else. Lipstick kinda seems less important when your days [...]
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packing moving boxes

Moving Well

Moving? Chances are you either just did or have plans to sooner than later. It's just how the world works these days. A quick Google search confirms that moving is one of the most stressful things we can go through—with 47 million results to prove it. I might as well start off by saying I [...]
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Two boys playing outside with sand and water

Why We Don’t Do Playdates

Playdates seem to be all the rage these days. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely value the role playdates have in socializing children, helping them to establish relationships and grow friendships. They provide a much-needed break for non-hosting parents and help parents make connections with other adults. However, we have opted out as a family. Trust me, [...]
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Pregnant woman sitting in a rocking chair looking at her belly

Part 2: Making Maternity Leave Work for You

There are many opinions about how to approach maternity leave, and rightfully so. Each new mom and their employer have a different set of needs and expectations. This two-part series suggests some key things you should consider while planning your maternity leave. In Part 1: Making Maternity Leave Work for You we talked about: Starting your leave early [...]
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