Three Weeks Left: Earn Back-to-School Bucks

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No, mommas, YOU aren’t earning the back-to-school bucks. Your kiddos are! You’ve already earned a million bonus points for getting this far into the summer with grace.

There are three weeks left until school starts.

Around here there are two kinds of rumblings. One kind is a hint of boredom. Tired of the pool, camps winding down, and even tired of video games. The other kind of rumbling is about school clothes, new backpacks, and fresh haircuts. (I think my wallet just gasped a little.)

So, to balance those rumblings, my husband offered a deal to my incoming high school freshman. Before school starts, she is to read Hot X: Algebra Exposed! by Danica McKellar (who played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) in exchange for not a small amount of cash which will go toward her back-to-school desires. It’s a book that will actually help her when math starts again next month. And, it’s written by a gorgeous, genius, former actress, which helps with the interest factor for a teen girl.

Let me clarify that we don’t expect our kids to pay for school supplies like paper, pens, notebooks, etc. However, what a 14-year old thinks she needs for school and what we think she needs are two very different things. And, even for our upper elementary kids, a brand new backpack is a nice-to-have when last year’s is still in perfectly good condition. 

This idea hits the sweet spot on many levels:

  1. It’s something that will expand their minds in some way.
  2. They have skin in the game when it comes to upcoming purchases.
  3. It will occupy at least a few more hours each day as summer winds down.
  4. The more they read, the more they earn!

Here are some great book titles for ages 12 and up:

Maybe it’s a book that helps them cultivate their gifts and talents like singing or drawing. There are books about how to get good grades. Or, if you need them to learn some life skills, maybe it’s a book on household cleaning strategies or how to cook a simple meal for your family, or how to budget an allowance.

Bust the boredom and help them earn what they’ll be begging for in just a few short weeks. Preempt the begging with a deal of your own! What ideas do you have for earning back-to-school bucks?

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