Simple Gift Ideas Teachers Will Love

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It’s almost time for summer, but let’s not forget about our teachers just yet! And, what better way to say thank you for dealing with your little angel, helping her learn and grow, than with a gift? As a former daycare teacher, I also have to say, don’t forget about childcare providers! They often manage a lot day-to-day, and sometimes they go unnoticed or just get overlooked in the shuffle. Other teachers to remember are your child’s music teacher, gym teacher, art teacher, the librarian, administrators, student aids and assistants.

Now, let’s dive into some ideas that teachers will love! 

1. A Starbucks gift card is always a great idea! Who doesn’t like being able to make a guilt free Starbucks trip? 
2. A jar of assorted candy or chocolates will get teachers through the last few weeks of school. It also is a great idea for sharing the abundance of leftover Easter candy hiding out in your pantry. You can have your little one help decorate the jar with a spring theme and fill it with goodies! The jar will be a great gift to sit on a desk or keep in the car.
3. Wine! This gift idea is only a safe bet if you’re familiar with your teacher and know they enjoy wine. Also, don’t go packing your child’s backpack with a bottle of wine. Wine is best when hand delivered with a special note, and it’s usually a nice surprise!
4. Make some homemade cookies to share. Have your child pitch in to help make a batch your family’s favorite cookies. You can send the cookies to school with a note and tie them up with twine in a pretty bag or box. 
5. A movie gift card with some popcorn and boxes of candy is fun! We all love to see movies, right? However, tickets aren’t cheap. This summer is promising so many new, must-see movies, so this is a great way to treat your teacher to a date night with their significant other or maybe even a family movie day!
6. Bring some bagels and a coffee tote from a local bakery or a place like Panera when you drop your kids off at school. Not only will you treat your teacher, but you will also treat their co-workers and other teachers at the school!
Whatever you decide to give, be sure to include a handwritten note from you and your child thanking their teacher for all they do. What are your go to teacher gifts? 

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