Welcome Back to School: Tips for Easing Back into the Routine

Summer break is winding down! It is hard to believe that a new school year is right around the corner. I always used to get so excited about the beginning of the new school year; maybe it’s the teacher in me. I love the new school supplies, backpacks, clothes, and how everyone is giddy with excitement over the beginning of a new year.

Being off for summer break usually means the normal routine has gone by the wayside. Getting back into the groove can be difficult for parents and kids. This may be my first year with a student starting Kindergarten, but I am no stranger to the back to school routine. I thought I would share a few tips to get your back to school routine off to a great start! 

Be Organized

Being organized is key to a less crazy morning. I know the last thing everyone wants to do in the evening is prepare for the next day, but it does save a little bit of stress.

  1. Lay out everyone’s clothes. If you are super prepared you can lay out outfits for each day of the week. 
  2. Backpacks and whatever is needed for the day by the door ready to go. 
  3. Pack lunches and snacks.

Eat a Good Breakfast

We love breakfast at our house! It’s so important for everyone to get their day started off right. Breakfast helps fuel the body and mind. Those little minds need to be ready for a busy day! Breakfast can even be prepared in advance to make for an easy morning. We really enjoy these egg muffin cups you can easily change the ingredients to suit your taste. 

If food prep is not your thing, keep easy things on hand to make a quick breakfast. Yogurt with berries and granola is a fan favorite at our house. A few others we keep on hand: oatmeal (add toppings if desired), egg sandwiches (can be prepped and frozen for a grab and go), or English muffin with peanut butter or nut butter of choice.


Packing lunches can be such a daunting task and an added stress. Packing lunches the night before helps the morning run smoother. The few nights I skip out on making lunches lead to much more stressful mornings. Lunches can also seem boring or it’s easy to run out of ideas.

I have a few quick and easy lunches that I pack in this reusable container to save on waste. I usually pack a protein, fruit, veggies, chips/crackers. Then I throw in an extra item such as yogurt, granola bar, hummus, or gummies for a treat. I try to rotate through these to prevent lunch boredom, but find that my oldest tends to pick the same things. 

  1. Deli sandwich or rollup 
  2. Homemade lunchables: lunch meat of choice cute into smaller pieces, cheese slices, and crackers
  3. Turkey sticks with cheese cubes and crackers
  4. Pita with hummus 
  5. Peanut butter sandwich (or other nut butter) 
  6. Monkey sandwich: nut butter of choice with bananas and a drizzle of honey

Getting back into a routine can be difficult and take a little time to get into a groove. I hope some of these tips help make your mornings smoother. Wishing everyone a happy first day back to school! 

What’s your back to school tips for less stress? What’s your favorite part of back to school? 

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