15 Ways to Bring the Joy of Celebrating Into Everyday Life

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Ever since I was a little girl I have always been a celebrator. Planning parties and celebrating with the people I care deeply about is truly my love language. My mother is the party planning queen, living her best life during the Christmas season. She loved throwing us over the top birthday parties growing up, and if there was a holiday, she would rock it harder than anything I have ever pinned on Pinterest. Now as a mom myself, I have come to realize how important it is to me to celebrate not just the birthdays and holidays, but bringing the joy of celebrating into everyday life.

Celebrating moments during our normal day-to-day life shows our children that life should be lived with joy whenever possible! If we encourage our children to celebrate everyday moments, it can reiterate all of the things we have to be thankful for. It reminds us of the immense blessings we have in our ordinary life, the small things we often take for granted and ultimately bring extra smiles to their sweet faces. With our overscheduled and electronics-crazed society, I encourage you to slow down and make some special memories with your family.

Here are 15 ways to create memories during everyday life: 

1.) Celebrate those silly holidays.

National chocolate chip cookie day? Make some for dessert! National pancake day? Make pancakes for dinner and let your kids add sprinkles or mini marshmallows to them. My family loves Disney so we always celebrate Mickey Mouse’s birthday by putting on party hats and using Mickey plates with dinner. Because, why not? There are hundreds of opportunities throughout the year to celebrate silly holidays.

2.) Celebrate Half Birthdays.

Everyone loves to be celebrated, so why not make a tradition of celebrating half birthdays at your house? Make their favorite dinner and a fun cake for dessert. Break out the candles and sing “Happy Half Birthday to You!”

3.) Decorate your child’s room for the holidays.

This is one of my favorite things to do. I always replace the books on my son’s nightstand with books about the current holiday. I also add holiday décor to his room from our stash, a fun throw blanket or holiday pillow to his bed, and a garland to his bedroom wall. He’s only three and loves to have his own holiday decorations whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. It makes him feel special!

4.) Pack a fun surprise in lunchboxes.

This could be a fun sticker for their shirt, a paper napkin from their birthday party, a silly straw to use in their milk, or a small treat to enjoy. This takes little effort and will surely bring a smile to their face during the school day.

5.) Use the fancy dishes.

You know, the ones you only break out for special occasions and Christmas dinner? Use those dishes on an ordinary night and encourage everyone to wear something fancy such as tiaras and bowties to dinner. Light a few candles and enjoy a fancy dinner at home.

6.) Take movie night up a notch by using special popcorn containers.

You can include movie theater snacks or candy boxes at your celebration, too. If you really feel up to it, make it drive-in themed by letting your kids enjoy the movie in their own “car”. You can easily make a DIY car perfectly sized for your living room by using a cardboard box, plastic tote or laundry basket. Tape paper plates on the sides for your wheels and enjoy!

7.) Use your leftover party supplies.

I often use leftover wrapping paper as a fun table runner, leftover paper plates, napkins, and fun party straws to make an ordinary meal feel extra special. This doesn’t require any spending and makes for a great celebration throughout the week.

8.) Make your spouse feel special by surprising them with a Wednesday night date.

This will help break up the routine of normal weekday chores and work, and it’s a surprise you both can enjoy.

9.) Celebrate others just because.

Don’t wait for the holidays to celebrate those around you. Send a special treat to your child’s teacher just to thank them for all that they do. Drop off a surprise to a neighbor or friend just to brighten their day.

10.) Brighten a family members mailbox.

Who doesn’t love a surprise in their mailbox? It’s inexpensive and a fun treat to see a card from someone you love. Your child can draw on the card for grandparents, send stickers in a card to cousins, or write a sweet note to a family member just because.

11.) Include music more often.

Host a karaoke night in your living room and invite friends! Play music during dinner and throw pj dance parties on slow weekend mornings. Music puts everyone in a better mood so figure out ways to incorporate it more in your home.

12.) Throw a themed dinner night.

This is the perfect time to use your leftover party supplies you having been saving throughout the year. I accumulated a lot of red and white party supplies so I threw a special “North Pole Breakfast For Dinner” night when our Elf on the Shelf flew in for the Christmas season. I went all out with decorations on the table using supplies I already had on hand. We wore our cozy pajamas and my son giggled and smiled all through dinner. I will never forget that night!

13.) Hang your child’s work on the walls.

Frame your favorite piece of artwork that they made for you, put the report card or spelling test on the fridge. Show them how proud you are of their work! 

14.) Tune into your family member’s love language.

You know your family best, be intentional about the way you celebrate them and show them love using their love language specifically. Think about the way they receive love best and try to incorporate more often in your daily routine. 

15.) Try something new together.

Unplug with your family and enjoy something new such as an activity, new recipe or a new family-friendly show to enjoy. 

I challenge you to include something from this list each week with your family and loved ones. Celebrating doesn’t have to cost a lot, it just needs to be done with purpose and love. There is nothing better than quality time with your people and bringing a smile to everyone’s face. 

What are some ways you enjoy celebrating your family during normal day-to-day life?

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