Decorating Tips for a Cozy Home

Warm and cozy window seat with cushions and a opened book, light through vintage shutters, rustic style home decor.

I’m a paint your walls every couple of years, move the furniture every few months kinda gal. I switch out my decor with the seasons, and am constantly on the hunt for fun pieces to accent my rooms. Marie Kondo would shake her head at me I’m sure, but decorating an inviting home for others to visit is just my jam! It sparks joy, if you know what I’m saying? So, as an amateur home decorator with a flair for the eclectic and vintage, I thought I would share my home decorating tips with you.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

My absolute favorite places to find pieces for my home are antique stores. I’ve repainted old coffee tables that I got for a steal, recycled old candlesticks, and bought endless amounts of records to add to my collection for less than $1 a piece. You don’t need to be afraid of these places; sometimes you have to have an open mind and dig a little, but it’s totally worth it. There are gems hidden around every corner. 

I also take advantage of the decor in the Target Dollar Spot fairly often. Because I change out my decor a lot and don’t mind that the quality is a little less great because it’s inexpensive. It’s great for finding little pieces to jazz up a shelf or help celebrate the seasons. They’ve been stepping up their game quite a bit, and sometimes you’ll find just what you need to spice up your decor. Especially in these colder months when you’re stuck inside it’s nice to have something pretty to look at. 

Don’t be afraid of color.

I used to be intimidated by too much color. I was a strictly neutral girl. And while I love that farmhouse style everyone seems to be going for these days, I really like to add in a little color. You don’t have to go as crazy as me. I just bought a lime green end table. Yes, I said LIME GREEN. But, it actually works really beautifully with the blues and neutrals I have in my living room. Everyone comments on how much they love it! Start with a throw pillow or fun wall accent and build up from there.

Make your home feel cozy.

I’m a big believer in lamps to help brighten an area without blinding everyone. Candles burning to help the room have a nice glow, and pleasant smell. I like to leave blankets laying around this time of year, in case a guest wants to warm up without having to tell you that they’re cold. Homey touches that don’t really take too much time, but really make a home feel lived in and comfortable. I want my home to look nice- but not feel like a museum.

My favorite tip? Fill your home with friends. Even if your house isn’t picture perfect- invite them into your mess. A home filled with laughter and late night conversation is always the best-decorated one. And one that people will want to return to again and again.

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2 Responses to Decorating Tips for a Cozy Home

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    This Messy Season February 18, 2019 at 8:34 pm #

    These were amazing tips, especially the one about it not needing to cost an arm or leg. We forget that often, don’t we!?

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie February 18, 2019 at 9:17 pm #

      Yes- some of my favorite pieces are thrifted or hand me downs!

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