Easter Crafts with Kids

Dyeing hard-boiled hens eggs for Easter with a close up overhead view of fresh white eggs steeping in individual jars of dye to soak up the colors, full frame view

Easter will be here soon! I’m so ready for time with family. Spring clothes, Easter egg hunts, and the inevitable pic of my son terrified of the Easter bunny are all coming up. Well, maybe not the last one, but we are excited for Easter! Last year, my son was just 17 months old, but he had fun adding stickers to eggs I was dyeing. He went on a few egg hunts, even though he still wasn’t sure what in the world we were doing. I’m excited to see how different the hunts will be this year. He’s really into hiding and looking for things!

We love celebrating holidays with special craft projects. Our projects may not all end up Pinterest-worthy, but I enjoy creating special memories with my son through them. Sometimes he would probably rather just play cars, but its good for us to try new things and create traditions.

If you are looking for some craft fun with your kids this Easter, here are a few ideas I found online:

Rice Krispie Eggs

Rice Krispie treats can be made more festive by turning them into eggs! I made these last year; they were easy to make and turned out super cute. The tutorial above mentions forming with your hands, but I actually put them in a clean plastic egg to get their shape. Just make sure to add some melted butter or cooking spray to the inside of the eggs. I had a sticky mess with one I forgot to spray! You can make these eggs more festive by adding pastel candy, sprinkles, or dyeing the treats with food coloring.

Easter Homemade Playdough

We love making playdough at our house. It’s easy to make and uses ingredients you probably have laying around; there’s even a version for the microwave instead of the stovetop. The tutorial linked above has some cute ideas for making these personalized for Easter. There’s DIY accessories like bunny ears/eyes/whiskers, as well as other Spring add-ons. You can make the eggs in pastel colors using food coloring gel, Koolaid packets, or all-natural dye options. My son loves some he has that have essential oils added in! 

Surprise Egg Designs

I’ve always loved dyeing eggs for Easter. One of my favorite ways to decorate them growing up was drawing on the egg with a white wax crayon. You obviously can’t see it at first, but the areas with the wax resist the dye so you end up with the design showing up through the color. See the tutorial above for more info.

Carrot Treat Bags

Another fun craft is to make carrot themed treat bags for classmates, neighbors, friends, and family. For these, you need a triangular shaped bag, icing piping bags work well for this. You can fill the bag with anything orange from homemade play dough to cheese crackers to orange candy. Add a twist tie to the top and you have a fun carrot treat!

What’s your favorite project for Easter?

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