Mom Bag Must Haves

It never fails that as a woman, and even more so as a mom, I get asked on a regular basis “Do you happen to have [fill in the blank]?” In all fairness, I used to. In those diaper bag years, I had 10 lbs worth of gear that I lugged around and was always prepared for anything. The older my little one got though, the smaller and smaller my Mary Poppins bag became. 

Thankfully, I still carry a decent sized hobo bag on a regular basis. It’s the perfect size to toss in my little ‘mom bag’ kit while keeping everything all in one neat, little, organized place. Plus, it’s easy to transfer the kit from bag to bag. If you are the mom who likes to be prepared, this is for you.

  1. Baby wipes: These are like the duct tape of motherhood. You can use them for literally ANYTHING. Great for cleaning off dirty little hands and faces, as well as wiping off shopping carts and pacifiers that hit the floor.
  2. Tissues: Snot noses happen. all. the. time. Besides, it’s also nice to have something to wrap that piece of candy up in five seconds after you’ve already thrown the wrapper away and your child has decided they no longer want (or like) said candy. 
  3. Antacids: Better safe than sorry! 
  4. First aid kit: Scraped knees, splinters, bug bites, you name it! You could also include some Benadryl cream or Neosporin. 
  5. Sunscreen: For those days when plans (or weather) change and that once shady spot right next to the soccer field is no longer so shady.
  6. Safety pins: Handy in those situations where straps break or you pull that little string on the bottom of your blouse and now you have a hole in the seam while at work….
  7. Ink Pen: My little one loves to draw on scrap paper so it’s always handy to have an extra pen around when I’m trying to write and she so eagerly wants to do the same.
  8. Pain reliever: because, well, motherhood. and toddlers.  
  9. Hand sanitizer: Kids hands are everywhere, so are germs. 
  10. Feminine hygiene products: Because sometimes you never know when it’ll happen…to you or someone else. 
  11. Nail clippers/tweezers: Helpful for the splinters, hangnails, or those pesky little plastic pieces from not taking a tag off all the way.
  12. Hair ties: Even if you don’t have hair long enough for a ponytail, there will probably be another mom or friend or child who may be on the lookout for one. 
  13. Bobby pins: For the days where I decide to wear my hair down and completely underestimate the wind (or weather in general) and need to do a quick up-do to feel presentable by the end of the day. 
  14. Chapstick: Add a little SPF or even a tinted version for the days you need a bit of color and space throwing on some lipstick before darting out the door.
  15. Tide pen: Stains happen, and this little gem will certainly come in handy when person after person points out the stain on your shoulder of who knows what from carrying your little one earlier in the day.
  16. External battery & cord: Always a good idea to have around in case you (or your child) runs your battery low. 
  17. Chewing gum: Maybe not an essential, but it sure is handy!
  18. Snacks: Gummies, applesauce, raisins, goldfish, granola bars, whatever you (or your child) fancy. 
  19. Clear makeup bag: I love the transparency of the clear bag because it allows me to be able to see where things are without pulling every little thing out to find what I’m looking for. A typical quart size bag from the makeup or travel sections work great!
  20. Toys/games: These will vary based on your child’s age. Playing cards, matchbox cars, crayons or sticker books. You can even raid the party stores for miniature versions of popular games such as a barrel of monkeys, etch-a-sketch or connect four. 

There are so many other options to include (or create a separate bag) for younger children as well. Especially for those days when you think you can get away with leaving the diaper bag in the car (after all, you’ll only run in for just a minute). Or even in that transition period when you are starting to grow out of needing a diaper bag. 

  • Extra outfit
  • Spare diaper
  • Pacifier
  • Teething rings
  • Children’s Tylenol
  • bottle with a single serving of formula
  • Feeding Spoon
  • Bib

Whatever your mom essentials are, the most important thing is that this works for you and your kiddos. What would you include?

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