5 Things to Do with Your Baby in Bloomington

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When I decided to stay home with my baby, I built up in my head all these things we would do. Bloomington is full of so many wonderful activities for kids (as evident by our ever-growing calendar of events). It took a meltdown in public to teach me that just because I think it seems fun, my baby may not be quite ready for it. 

Learning and admitting what does (and more importantly does not) work for him and his schedule has made things easier for both of us. It might not look like what I envisioned, but that is just part of being a mom!

But on those days where I just cannot listen to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song one more time, or feel like I’m going crazy in the house, I now have a list of some activities that are appropriate for his age and for him.

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do with a baby in Bloomington:


Ok, this one may seem too obvious to list. I’m sure most moms enjoy walking at a local park or in their neighborhood. But, did you know about Hike It Baby? It is a group dedicated to getting families out walking and enjoying nature. You can learn more about this non-profit organization located all across the country on their website.

Play at the Toy Chest in College Mall

During our rainy weather this Spring, we went to the mall a few times to walk. On one of these trips we were with a friend and toddler, so we swung by the toy store. There are lots of toys for the kids and babies to play with, and my son had fun starting to explore the surroundings.

Baby Space at the Local Library

One of the things I did not know about until a friend introduced me to it, was the Baby Space at the Monroe County Public Library. It’s filled with books, toys, and plenty of space for babies to play. Our first time there was my son’s first time sitting up on his own! He looked so big starting to explore toys with other babies.

Play Dates 

Hanging out with other moms and babies is a great way to change up the routine. Whether spending the afternoon at a park or someone’s house, it gets you some adult time and your baby gets used to other babies. I was hesitant at first. I worried about my son having a meltdown (which he has), or that I would look like an unprepared mom. But, hearing other moms talk about the same struggles and issues I am dealing with is a great encouragement! 

Baby & Me Classes at the Library

There are several different types of classes at the library specifically for babies, including Baby & Me, Yoga with Baby, and Mom’s Mondays. Baby & Me has been the one we have experience with. My son enjoys the rhymes, music, and play time. You can check the Monroe County Public Library calendar for the latest schedule.

This is just scratching the surface I’m sure! We are still exploring and learning what works for him. I’d love to keep adding to the list, so what do you enjoy doing with a baby around town?

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