Creating Fun Experiences for Siblings with a Bigger Age Gap

Two children taking a nap

Meet my kids. They are almost exactly six years apart in age and different genders. Our son really wanted a boy so they could grow up and play video games together. But alas, his sister came along. Thankfully he was ok with that, too. 

Give them time to get to know each other

The first six months of my daughter’s life, the kids really didn’t care for one another. After she became a little more mobile, it was clear she loved him and wanted to be near him all the time. She would crawl on the couch and just sit next to him. Or, she would smile or try to force feed him Cheerios. She was in love, but he didn’t understand why she wanted to be in his personal space bubble all the time. 

Now she’s almost three and they have a lot of fun together! Below is a solid list of things that siblings with age gaps or gender gap siblings can do and enjoy together. Third-grade boys really like to be included, I’ve noticed. So, if the small one gets a present or adventure, he’s usually excited that he’ll get to join in, too! 

Sibling-Friendly Fun

  • Cardboard box houses because nothing is better than crawling in a box and popping out and scaring your sister! (She laughs every time so don’t worry!) 
  • Cooking: He can read the recipes while she “helps” the best to her ability, getting out the wooden spoon to help stir etc.
  • Jump-N-Joeys: Who doesn’t love games, tickets, and jumping? Bonus: they are both tired at the end of the day!
  • Reading. He loves to read to her and teach her things, and he enjoys knowing that he’s the smarter of the two. She also “reads” to him the books she’s memorized because being like your big brother is cool.
  • Playing keep away from the family dog: If you have a dog, this is hilarious because the dog is now confused about why he’s been ganged up on and the kids are hysterical.
  • Doing things that are “little kid” things but you get away with it because you have a smaller sibling, like riding on the rides in the mall.
  • Going to Wonderlab

Bonus idea: Our kids love making a mix CD for the car! Every other song is one for them that they chose! So, our playlist looks like this: Justin Beiber, Wheels on the Bus, Beatles, ABC’s…you get the idea.

What are some things that your age gap kids love to do together?

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