Mom, What are We Doing for Spring Break?

Mom, what are we doing for Spring Break?

I remember when my kids were babies and preschoolers I thought it was funny when people asked me what we were doing for Spring Break. Ummm, the same dang thing we do every day is what I would think in my head. What is Spring Break?

Well, living in a college town as well as having many friends with school-aged kids at the time, Spring Break took on a whole different meaning to them. It was time for them to vacate the cold Midwest and do something fun! Great, now I was really missing out. Not only were we sticking around doing our same ole routine, but many of my mama friends would be out of pocket for a week. Wah Wah.

Spring Break Now

Fast forward a few years and now I’m sitting in their shoes. I have three school-aged kiddos. And the oldest, now a teenager, has asked me that same question twice in the last couple days!

“Mom, what are we doing for Spring Break?”

Ummm, not a clue. I mean, not a dang clue. Not every year has been like this. Some have been well thought out and planned for. Visiting family in Texas, Disney fun in Florida and several staycations where we just did fun stuff around Bloomington. But, this year Spring Break has “snuck” up on me. Life has been busy, expenses have been high, and so there is no “plan” planned. I think this is ok! I mean, Spring Break can just be a break from school, right?

Here’s what comes to my mind for our unplanned Spring Break:

  • More sleep (a girl can hope!)
  • More snuggles, extended day PJ sessions and movie watching
  • An occasional breakfast and/or lunch out as a fam
  • More devices (not a plus, just being real here)
  • Maybe an Escape Room experience, Laser Light war or Glow golf match 
  • Nerf wars
  • Hopefully plenty of outdoor time

What all of this also means is the house will probably be a wreck, we will go through a lot more food, which turns into dirty dishes, and we will likely get on each other’s nerves…..a lot. BUT, if my kids don’t learn how to be together and find ways to enjoy life without a flashy vacation, I’m in big trouble. So if you find yourself without a plan this Spring Break, embrace it! We all know life isn’t all roses and my guess is your kids (and mine) will relish the time away from school and even make a memory or two. 

What are you doing (or not doing) this Spring Break?

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  1. Aunt Terrie March 12, 2018 at 7:40 pm #

    I don’t know where the idea came from saying you had to do something for spring break. We never went anywhere. Our dad and mom had to work and we just stayed home and enjoyed no school and reading and playing.

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