Podcasts for Kids (That their Grown-Ups Can Enjoy!)

Podcasts for Kids (That their Grown-Ups Can Enjoy!)

Podcasts have once again surged in popularity. Recently I became curious about podcast options for my elementary school-aged kids, so I began exploring. Podcasts are an excellent choice for quality, screen-free, no-cost entertainment. They also provide an auditory learning opportunity for the listener, which appeals to me as a parent. Here are some family-friendly podcasts that you and your children can enjoy together. 

Wow in the World 

During this NPR-produced podcast for kids, hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Roz explore current science and technology discoveries around our world and beyond. The conversations are engaging and fun, and I have been known to listen even without children present!

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

In this kid-driven show, kid-listeners ask the questions and host Jane Lindholm finds the answers. Recent episodes tackle queries such as: Why is the sky blue? Who invented words? Why do we need to sleep?

If you’ve ever been stumped by “But why?” questions in your household, record your child’s question with a smartphone and send it to the show!

The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kids Podcast 

Mr. Josh and Robyn the Bird share adventures from the Isle of Hooglafair. They cover a wide variety of topics ranging from responsibility and gratitude to learning about weather and the ocean. Delightful storytelling, kid interviews on the topic at hand, and original songs highlight these episodes. We look forward to the new music offered in each show!

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

In this serialized podcast, follow the time-traveling capers of Dr. Floyd as he attempts to thwart his evil nemesis, Dr. Steve. This show is a throwback to old serialized radio programs. The witty puns sprinkled throughout to keep parents entertained, too. Time-travel allows historically significant people, locations, or events to be woven into the storylines. We began with the first season, and my kids were asking for more!

Peace Out – Relaxing and Mindfulness Stories for Kids

These short stories teach age-appropriate mindfulness, which is useful if your household needs a go-to calming routine. There is a “Just for Grown Ups!!” episode for those of us who could use an occasional reminder to breathe. 

Are you currently enjoying a family-friendly podcast? Comment below with your kids’ favorites! 

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