Self Care Silliness: Yoga with Goats!

If you’re anything like me, you see a lot of local events when you scroll through Facebook. From concerts and festivals to playdates and grand openings, there is always something happening in town. When I saw the event page for the local Yoga with Goats series hosted by the Monroe County Humane Association, I was interested right away. I’ve taken yoga classes off and on since college but haven’t practiced yoga in a while. I like to try new things and I like cute animals (who doesn’t?). So, this seemed like a fun way to try it again. The day of my workshop finally arrived, and I had a blast!

Here are some tips to help you have a great time at your first Yoga with Goats workshop, too.

  • Buy your tickets as soon as they are available. Yoga with Goats is an ongoing series with more dates coming, but the tickets for each workshop sell out quickly. Check out the upcoming dates on the Monroe County Humane Association website or on Facebook.
  • Plan to get a bit dirty. Thankfully, there were workers available to clean up a few messes caused by the goats in the middle of class. Still, our mats and clothes certainly needed a good wash afterward. A miniature horse named Little Man also bit off a small piece of my yoga mat (yep, you read that right). If you have an expensive yoga mat, consider leaving it at home and using a different mat or even a towel instead.
  • Take a friend or family member along. The workshop is very beginner-friendly and open to ages six and up. I met up with a few girlfriends, but if you have older kids it could also be a great family activity.
  • Expect a lighthearted class. Our instructor did a fantastic job of guiding us through flows and poses, but it’s still hard to focus when a cute little goat comes and sits on your mat right in front of you. Everyone in the class erupted into laughter several times.

With all of the stresses in the world around us and in our day-to-day lives, this workshop was just what I needed. Take a deep breath and give Yoga with Goats a try!

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