Becoming A Contributor: Finding My Voice Again with Bloomington Moms Blog

Becoming A Contributor: Finding My Voice Again with Bloomington Moms Blog

Let’s face it, that first year of motherhood is full of adjustments. Your normal sleep schedule goes down the drain. Your routine, your weekly date night, in fact, all your plans are tossed out the window. And, typically, your beauty regimen goes right along with everything else. Lipstick kinda seems less important when your days are spent breastfeeding and gazing at this little perfect human you made.

Like many mamas, I began to lose myself in that first year. My world revolved around my son. To be honest, it still does most days. While I am generally okay with that, I did miss having “me things,” especially a creative outlet. I tend to blow off steam by either cleaning the heck out of something, or whipping out a hot glue gun. I need crafts, writing, or something creative in my life weekly. Okay, and a trip to Target once a week, doesn’t hurt.

Finding My New Normal

The first year becoming a stay-at-home-mom was difficult for my extroverted spirit. I’m a talker, I will talk to anyone and everyone and I love to be around people. This became difficult as my colleagues were an 8-pound Shih Tzu and an adorable baby boy. They were great listeners, but they said little back. I needed other mama friends, stat.

But after college, I found it very difficult to make new friends. We moved from Terre Haute to Indianapolis, and within a few years, we moved back to Bloomington just before our son turned one. After we moved to Bloomington I knew that I was finally back at home, where I was raised, in a place I wanted to raise our family. But now I was a new mom. I realized that finding other friends in the same place in life was tricky. Most of my friends worked or lived in different towns. And, while I stayed at home I began getting lonely and I felt in a downright rut more than once. I needed a change.

But, how do I find a group of people to talk to and relate to in this new phase of life? I needed to find a group of mamas like me, and I needed a creative outlet.

Finding My Voice with Bloomington Moms Blog

When I saw that Bloomington Moms Blog would be launching last spring, I could not have applied sooner. I was so excited and nervous hoping for a chance to join this team. I prayed a lot that this was my way to meet more moms while being able to write again. It just truly seemed like the perfect fit!

I remember the first time our founder, Lynsey, called me. She made me feel instantly comfortable and so excited to join this team! She is someone you want to be friends with. I remember confessing that I was worried that I couldn’t offer advice to other moms when I was a new mom myself. But we have found that even us “new moms” have amazing advice to offer while we are currently in the trenches of #newmamaprobs. What DO you pack in a hospital bag?” “Tell me it’s okay to use formula” “How does one mom-date?!”

While we are experiencing things, let’s talk about it. Let’s write about it. During our tough moments in motherhood and our not so glamorous days, us mamas need to simply hear “me too.”  We need to read encouragement and hear that we aren’t alone.

Bloomington Moms Blog Changed My Life and It Can Change Yours!

Now that my executive role has begun, Bloomington Moms Blog has offered me the opportunity to meet business owners throughout Bloomington and see all the work that happens behind the scenes to make this blog stay afloat. I have been able to meet new friends, receive endless support from Lynsey and our team. I am able to work from home, snuggle and watch Bubble Guppies in the morning with my son, and help support my family financially. In our BMB team, we cheer each other on and we love to bounce ideas off one another as we dream about what is to come!

At the end of the day, this blog is about supporting each other in our Bloomington community. If you are looking for a creative outlet like I was last year, consider this your sign! Take a leap of faith and apply to join our team. We would love to have you!

Apply for Our Contributor Team

Application Deadline: February 16

Are you a local mom, mom-to-be, new mom, older mom, adoptive or foster mom, empty-nester, etc.? Are you passionate about the Bloomington area and the moms who live here?

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