Fitness Tips While Traveling

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Vacation is such a fun time, but it’s very easy to fall off the fitness train. Once you fall off it’s very hard to hop back on. But if you stay in it, even a little bit, it’s easier to get back into a routine once your vacation is over.  The following list is seven tips to help you stay on track while on vacation.

BYO Equipment

Dumbbells don’t travel well, but resistance bands do! Bring one or two sets of bands for any Strength Training you may do.  They are light, relatively inexpensive, and can be stuffed into a small space in your suitcase. Workouts on Demand are also where it’s at when traveling because your workout is done for you. All you need to do is push play! 

Plan for Success

I know….who doesn’t love to sleep in on vacation? And you should for a couple days. But the other days plan to get up early before anyone else to get your workout in. You’ll feel better, more confident, and your workout won’t mess with the group schedule.

Pack Workout Attire

Maybe that’s an easy one, but as a fitness professional, I still forget certain workout gear because let’s face it, fitness just isn’t in the forefront of our minds when it’s vacation time! Don’t forget workout shorts and/or leggings, workout tops, sports bras, socks, tennis shoes, hair ties and headbands.

Healthy Snacks

Pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the duration of your vacay. Protein bars, Health Shakes, Fruit Leathers for Kids (or husbands), apples, bananas, grape tomatoes & more. If you are driving, bring a cooler to alleviate those gas station junk food stops. If you are flying you can pack a small lunchbox with a cold pack.

Mini Fridge

Did you know that if your hotel doesn’t have a mini fridge in your room you can request one? That’s right! Some hotels have mini fridges waiting for you. All you have to do is ask! Place your healthy snacks in the fridge for safe keeping all week.

Find a Local Studio or Gym

Many studios and gyms have franchise locations. If you attend one in your city they may have one in your vacation city. Easy peasy!


Hey, we got this one covered! Some days a workout may not work out. That’s okay. You can still move your body whether it be walking (hello Disney), strolling down the beach, skiing, playing active games with your kids, swimming, and more.

Fitness can still be a priority while on vacation.  It might just look a little different, and that’s okay.

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