6 Ways To Lighten The Laundry Load

Laundry. It’s the worst, right? People often complain about laundry and for good reason: it’s one of those household chores that never ends. Unless your family is walking around naked, there will always, always be dirty clothes. While that is discouraging, there are a few ways I tackle the mountains of laundry that lighten the load (pun intended). I can’t guarantee you’ll love laundry if you do it my way, but it’s worth a shot? 

Do laundry once a week

I know many people like to do one load a day, but when I try that method, it increases my chances of accidentally leaving a load in the washer overnight by 1000%. More power to you, daily people, but I like to save it for a once a week! 
Saving laundry for once a week:
  • Allows me to sort my clothes properly. You know, whites, brights, gentles? Is this still a thing? This is the way I was taught to do laundry, so I can’t shake it. When I do laundry once a week, there is enough for a load (or two) of each category. 
  • Means I only have to put away laundry one day a week! Everyone knows this is the worst part of laundry. The once-a-week method means I’m not constantly shuffling stacks for me or my children to put away. 
  • Gives me a to-do list for the whole day. Tuesday is laundry day, so I know exactly what household chores I will be focusing on that day. 

Wash certain items less often. 

Not every item needs to be washed every time! Your kids don’t need a fresh set of pajamas every night. The sheets do not have to be changed every week. I wear most of my clothes several times before washing, and I encourage my girls to hang their Sunday dresses back up after church. Reevaluate what you’re washing and see if you can simplify!  

Have your kids help. 

Your kids can probably do more than you’re asking them to do! Depending on their ages, kids can bring their laundry to the laundry room, help sort and fold, hang up their clothes, and put clothes in drawers. They may not do it exactly like you the first time, but they will learn! 

Make your last load a catch-all.

I leave a load of brights for my last load so that the random kitchen towel or muddy shirt that has accumulated during laundry day can get thrown in. This at least gives me the illusion that every last piece of laundry is done! 

Give yourself something to look forward to. 

Listen, if you’re not watching a show while you’re folding laundry, do you even love yourself at all? It’s the perfect time to catch up on the latest episode of Black.ish or listen to a podcast you love. This is the real reason laundry shouldn’t get all the hate. Two machines do most of the work for you, and the rest of the time, you can sit! 

Time yourself. 

I learned this trick as a newlywed from a wiser, older mom. Most of the household chores I dread really only take a few minutes. Unloading the dishwasher? It only takes SEVEN minutes! Putting away my son’s laundry? About the same! I often put off these tasks, making them bigger than they really are. So, I dare you to time yourself next time you put away laundry. I bet it doesn’t take as long as you think! 

So there is my plan of attack. I’d love to hear your best tips, as I’m always fine-tuning the process!! 

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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie May 26, 2018 at 7:50 am #

    I love you Beth, you’re my laundry spirit animal! I never fold clothes without streaming Netflix!😂

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