Spring Cleaning 101: Realistic Tips for Organizing Your Playroom

Spring is just around the corner! That means sunnier days with warmer weather, which is perfect for tackling projects in and outside of your home. Deep cleaning and organization can feel daunting, but let me encourage you to think about areas in your home that you want to organize this year. Remember it is okay to start small. 

Start by making a list of small goals. Maybe you want to donate the large pile of stuffed animals that seem to multiply by the minute. Or, maybe you want to come up with a better system for your kiddo’s art supplies. Whatever these goals are, write them down.

One room that seems to always be in complete disarray is our children’s playroom. This was the case for my family until we tried to do something about it. I realized that we needed a larger space for my son to play in and more organization for all of his toys. And, I was tired of seeing all of his toys thrown into baskets with no rhyme or reason. But, before you dive in, I would like you to think about a few things.

Identify Problem Areas

Some questions to consider:

  • What toys are the most difficult to organize?
  • How can you help your child keep toys picked up and organized?
  • Do you need more Lego storage?
  • Are books constantly piled a mile high?
  • What would you like to see done about this? 

Invest in a Label Maker 

Consider labeling your toy storage containers. If your child is very young, consider taping a photo of the toy on the outside of the storage bin to help your child match the appropriate toy with coordinating bin. There is something about a label that looks so nice and neat on each bin, not to mention it’s very helpful during cleanup. It also helps hold you accountable for keeping up with your hard work and placing things back in their appropriate places. Label makers are inexpensive and a very useful tool in your home.

Utilize Your Vertical Space

Hang magazine holders and office wall organizers to maximize space. These can be used to hold coloring books, paper, and stickers. I even attached a puzzle organizer to our playroom wall to truly maximize our wall space. Store your books on the wall. There are endless creative options for wall book storage. Don’t forget to consider adding extra hooks wherever possible, like inside the play kitchen or on the bookcase. Hooks hold dress up clothes, play aprons or art smocks. They can be added to the wall to hold baskets. This way you are maximizing your play floor space. We even added hooks to the side of our small IKEA table to hold tin buckets for crayons, stamps and other small trinkets.

Rotate Toys and Save your Money 

Kids get bored of toys very quickly. Rotating your toy bins should greatly help with that. If you have space, store toys in plastic totes in the garage or attic space. Every month or so, swap out toys from the playroom to the garage. This will help keep your children interested and your home less cluttered. Also, don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to get your space organized. Use what you already have, shop for supplies at local dollar stores or even check out garage sales for storage containers.

Think Outside of the Box

You don’t have to use toy specific organizational bins. Decorative baskets that match your home décor might be something appealing to you. Consider installing shelves with doors or bookcases with cabinets so you can store and hide away toys for a less cluttered look. 

No room for a playroom? You probably have storage you haven’t considered. We have cabinets in our living room, drawers in our coffee table and baskets throughout our home that I often use to store my son’s toys, board games, and art supplies. If I have guests coming over and want to make the toy storage look more appealing, I like to fold up a cozy throw and lay it right on top of the toy basket. It hides the clutter and adds a cozy look to our living room.

Evaluate How You’re Using the Rooms in Your Home

I know many families that use their formal dining room or even a spare bedroom as a playroom. If you have unused space in your house, use it! Remember, it is your home and your family living day to day life in this space. Do what works best for your family. 

What other tips do you have for organizing your child’s toys? I would love to hear in the comments below! 

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