Tips & Tricks for Accepting Help

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We’re in full swing with the season of giving. But, during all that giving are you making sure to also care for yourself? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, a new baby, a death in your family, or just all of life in general. Think of the last time you let your overwhelm show. Did someone offer to help, only for you to brush them off with a ‘that’s so sweet of you, but we’ll be ok” kind of comment? We all do it. We casually reach out, but when someone actually offers to help lighten our load we’re too proud or afraid to accept it.

In some ways, the moms of today feel more connected than ever. We’re only a text or group chat away from all the answers we could ever think to ask. However, when it comes to the physical village we’re sorely lacking.  With thoughts of New Year’s resolutions fresh on your mind, I ask you, tired momma, to make a resolution to accept the people and things that are there to lighten your load. Below are just a few ideas of how you can do just that in the new year.

Accept the Help

We’ve all been there. You mention on Facebook that your whole family is down with the flu. Everyone has fevers and you can’t imagine how you’re going to get to the store or cook dinner. Even worse, your husband is down with the man flu, and he’s locked himself in the basement for the winter. In steps your sweet friend Jenna, asking what she can bring you for dinner. You stare at your phone thinking how amazing it would be if someone could bring you dinner. But you don’t want to sound like you can’t handle it, so you politely decline. Instead, you go infect everyone at the store with your sickness.

What if instead, you said, “Thank you, Jenna, that would be amazing if you have the time.” And the next time Jenna is down maybe you’ll be in a position to return the favor. When your friends offer to help, they want to help. Read that again. When they offer to help, they want to help. I’m not saying you should constantly blast that you’re in need of help (unless you are). But, when it counts, accept that help, ladies.

Make Grocery Pick Up your Friend

If you’ve not yet tried grocery pick up, you’re missing out. I’m the queen of doing everything myself, so I had a hard time accepting this one at first. But now, it’s my best friend. You will end up saving money from not randomly throwing items into your cart. You won’t have to listen to your child scream or complain all the way through the store. You can meal plan better. And most important of all, you’ll have more time. Accept the beautiful gift of someone bringing your food to your car. And if you’re lucky you’ll get the quirky old guy who loves to make my daughter laugh as he’s loading our food.   

Monthly Subscription Boxes

I always figured monthly boxes were a luxury that I couldn’t afford. But when I actually sat down to look at what we were spending compared to what these things cost, it shook out to about the same price. I recently signed up for a subscription that delivers a new cardboard litter box with litter that you don’t have to change out all month. Talk about a time saver!  If there is something that is causing you to make extra trips every month, see if it can be delivered for the same price.

Put Your Family to Work

As moms, we’re generally bad about asking others for help. If our family can’t see the trash is overflowing all week, we’ll just take care of it ourselves. If our teens leave laundry everywhere we’ll silently pick it up. But, what if we expected more from the people that love us? If there is something you’re spending a lot of time on that your family could/ should help with, let them know. Everyone in the house may not want to help, but I’m pretty sure everyone in your house wants you to be in a good mood. Let them know you need help. You deserve it.

I hope you can incorporate some of these ideas into your daily life this upcoming year. If you see a friend struggling to accept help, see this previous blog post about ways that you can offer help in a more appealing way.

What do you do to help yourself find more time?


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