A Thank You Letter to My Kid-Less Friends

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There are a few unspoken heroes in my life. You might have them in your own life, as well. They are the kid-less friends, the friends who don’t have littles right now, but who still treat you like you are a person and not just someone’s mom. This thank you letter is for them.

Thank you for being there for me and my family.

Thank you for understanding the formula in my hair and the toys on the floor.

Thank you for agreeing to dinner at my place last minute because my kid desperately needed a nap. (Also, thanks for the extra wine, too.)

Thanks for including my kids in every plan you make with me.

Thanks for understanding that my house won’t be close to clean until everyone is in grade school.

Thanks for having kid-friendly food and drinks at the annual Christmas party.

Thanks for getting a highchair and the kids menu to the table before I have even arrived because being on time with a child is hit or miss.

Thanks for sitting in the backseat because my toddler insists that you sit next to her.

Thanks for going to the zoo for the fifth time this year or meeting me at the park instead of saying you were busy when you weren’t.

Thanks for babysitting for free when I tried to pay you.

Thanks for coming early to all birthday parties because you know that I could use an extra hand.

Thanks for jumping right into a game of princess tea party or Minecraft the second you walk through the door.

Thanks for enduring all the thousands of pictures of my kid on Facebook when it used to be you and me.

Thanks for laughing with me and not judging my parenting when my toddler yells from the bathroom, “There’s poop on my butt!”

You have no idea how much better and easier you have made my life and how much better you have made my kid’s lives by being you. You are the real MVP, my friend.

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