5 Reasons Uncles Are The Best

uncle holding newborn

As an only child, I was unsure if my future children would have the opportunity to have an uncle. When I married my husband who has a brother, this became a reality. My future kids would be lucky enough to have an Uncle. Uncles have special relationships with their nieces and nephews.

These are just a few reasons Uncles are the best. What would you add to this list about your own Uncle or your child’s Uncle?

Uncles will take you on adventures. 

My son loves when his Uncle picks him up for a short adventure on his Side by Side. We are blessed with family close by so this is usually a spontaneous adventure. For a little while, he gets to be a big kid without mom or dad. Uncles make you feel like a big kid, letting you do things big kids do even if mom and dad don’t always let you do it. Here is a hint: Uncles do not care what mom and dad think so they are going to do whatever they think is right. This often works in the niece or nephew’s favor no matter what age they are.

They give you nicknames.

Uncles have a way of coming up with nicknames that make you feel special. These nicknames may be silly or they may be a nickname that has stuck from birth.

Uncles let you do things that your parents don’t always agree with.  

They sneak you food or candy or let you say a “naughty word.” This is all in good fun. If a parent really has a problem with it, Uncles will stop. But they enjoy letting the kids do something others don’t. It may help their bond grow as long as it causes no real harm.

Uncles step in when a parent needs an extra set of hands.

Uncles are about as close as you can get to being a parent without actually being the parent. They are able to step into that role when necessary, making the child feel comfortable and helping out when needed. When mom and dad aren’t there, an uncle can be there.

Uncles love you no matter what you do.

Uncles still love you even if you totally mess up. They will give you a pep talk and expect you to step up to the plate but they are always there for you.

Bottom Line: Uncles are pretty cool. They make you feel special and they are there for you when you need it the most.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Clayton. We all think YOU are pretty cool.

Uncle holding toddler

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