How One Word Changed My Life

How One Word Changed My Life

I don’t remember the year I first heard about the idea of My One Word, but I do remember it being a concept that changed me. I’ve always struggled a little with resolutions at the beginning of the year. On one hand, I want to lose weight, get in shape, write more, and do more. On the other hand, all that change at once seems a little overwhelming. And then I started learning about the Me One Word movement. It sounds simple. Choose one word that you will focus on for the year. Let it guide your decisions and your practices and your preferences. See what happens.

What I’ve Learned

Sometimes it feels like choosing that word is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Over the years, I’ve chosen words like Forward, Ready, and Intentional. One year, in a moment of weakness, I even chose Patience (don’t ask for something you don’t want to have to live through). Last year, my word was Peace. 2016 was a year of sadness and loss for our families, so 2017 was about peace and quiet in the loud spaces of life.

I’ve learned that, subliminally or not, those words I choose do change the way I think. The year I chose Forward as my word I started grad school and started thinking seriously about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  Intentional was all about weighing the choices in front of me and picking what would matter and change me the most. Ready was about finding the unexpected in life (and I joined a book launch team that changed my life and lead my first conference that year).

Choosing Your Word

Choosing a word for the year isn’t some mystical process. Think about your life and what you’d like to be different. What are the things coming up in your year and what outcomes would you like? Take time to write down your hopes and dreams for your family. You’ll see a theme emerge, I’m almost sure of it. There will be something that changes in your life because you took the time to evaluate what mattered and what didn’t.

Once you choose a word, write it down. Put it somewhere you can see it every day. Tell your friends and family what your word for the year is and why you chose it. Go to the My One Word website and add your word to the story.

My One Word

2018 is a year of renewal for me. After struggling through a few years of anxiety, going to therapy, and finally feeling more like myself again, I want 2018 to be a year where I worry less about the future and think more about the present. I have to monitor my thought-life carefully because anxiety triggers are everywhere. So, this year is all about PRESENT for me. I want to worry less about the unknowns and possibilities and spend more time in the present. I want to not have every moment of every day planned and just live in the now. 2018 is about living life fully here at this moment. Does that mean I can’t plan? Not at all. I have big things I want to accomplish this year that won’t come without planning. But, when it comes down to it, I want to live a life where the PRESENT matters just as much as the past or the future.

Do you pick One Word for your year? What’s your word?

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