Resolutions – Not Just for New Years

Resolutions – Not Just for New Years

So we’re a couple months into the new year and if you’re like me, and millions of others on the planet, you’ve already blown yours. Good intentions gone down the tubes for any number of reasons: busy schedules, snow days, harder than you anticipated or perhaps you never really got started to begin with because you’ve failed time and again in the past.

Maybe it’s a diet or a healthier lifestyle. Or, maybe it’s a resolution to fine tune your people-picker and walk away from toxic people. Maybe you want to paint or sing more or drink or eat less. But you’ve said it all before and tried it all before. So, you still have a muffin top and turn on Netflix instead of picking up your paint brush.

Being an Overcomer Matters

I have a wonderful memory from middle school. Yes, I said “wonderful” and middle school” in the same sentence! I’ve been thinking about a talent show from junior high. I wasn’t in it, but my friend Darrell was. He was an amazing singer. He could impersonate Aaron Neville, Michael Jackson and had a great voice in his own right. (We used to sing “Somewhere Out There” in between classes just for fun.) For the talent show, he was doing Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You.”

He was so, so good, but he forgot the words at one point and got flustered. He ran off the stage in embarrassment. My heart sank. I hated that moment. Fear of that very scenario is what had me in the audience that day and not on stage. Here’s the cool thing, though. After a few more acts, they introduced him again and he came back out to raucous applause, as I recall. He nailed his performance, of course, and I have the vaguest recollection of a standing ovation.

Now, I believe he would’ve been well-received the first go ‘round, but I can’t help thinking it was the overcoming that we all admired.

How many of us set out to do good things or even a normal thing and we flub it?

Sometimes we fall down flat on our faces a little, or perhaps, royally. And, it’s often in front of a big audience–or a small, highly critical one (like ourselves).

If you’ve let go of your resolution or never made one, I submit that Spring is a great time to renew some goals that light your fire! This year, may I be the kind of person willing to put it all out there. Mostly though, may I be the kind of person who will overcome fear, embarrassment or any other obstacle and come back out on stage to try again. Now that’s a resolution I can get behind! Who knows? Maybe we’ll get a standing O of our own!

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