Something New Just for YOU

Something New Just for YOU

I know you mamas have spent the last six or eight weeks researching all the summer camp possibilities for your kids to give them educational opportunities or a chance to hone their athletic skills or just explore hobbies. Well done! Having a Summer Plan can save the family in many ways. But, I have some questions for just for you: 

  • Where are YOU on the summer camp list?  
  • When was the last time you tried something new just for YOU? 
  • Or dug deeper into something you’ve loved forever, but let go to the wayside to raise your babies?

Investing in Yourself

This past year I’ve tried a 16-page sourdough recipe (the one kind of bread our whole family likes) and even bought a ukulele to learn for my own enjoyment.  Turns out, I’d rather play the ukulele than kneed dough every 30 minutes for three hours, but I’ve had so much fun playing songs that I’ve loved for years. I just play for myself — sure my family indulges me every now and then to hear a song, but really, it’s just for me. 

My Big Leap of Faith

My big leap of faith was signing up for Yoga Teacher Training: 200 hours, no less! I said to a friend, “I can’t do this now. Life is so crazy.” She wisely reminded me that my life will likely be crazy six months, a year and five years from now, too. If you do it now, it’ll add to the crazy and to the joy and at the end of 200 hours, you get to say, ‘Look what I did!'”

Yoga has turned my life around in the last few years and I am interested in so many things about it that I knew I wanted to learn more. I don’t even know if I’ll actually teach, but with every class, my curiosity is piqued further, my faith deepens and my body responds to all the love and attention I’m giving — and all of that adds up to a healthy mama who has more to pour out than when I started. And honestly, visions have started to form about other ways I can contribute to the world outside of being a mom and wife.

Do I feel over my head?  Yep.

Does it make sense to all my friends? Uh – uh.

Do I have a plan for when I’m finished? Nope.

Does it feed my soul? Absolutely.

And that’s what makes it worth the sacrifice. And my family does have to sacrifice. Sometimes the sink is full and no meal is cooked. They might have to help each other with homework and they may have to forego a play date so I can go to class.  But that’s ok. We’re a team. 

Take notes here — I’m on the team, too. 

I am a joyful cheerleader, a manager washing stinky towels, and a coach who still makes sure basic life skills are being honed. Sometimes in life, we rotate roles to earn “MVP.”

What have you put off because you don’t think you have time? And, what do you love? What do you want to try that sounds crazy to everyone else? 

Yes, try that new recipe. Start a supper or book club. Read a challenging book. Clean out all your closets and purge. But, I’m talking BIG!  Learn that thing that seems impossible except in your own heart. Quit that job you hate. Finish your degree or start a new one. Sign up for a class or learn that language you think is so beautiful. 

The possibilities are endless and if you wait…well, life will still be crazy six months from now. What you do for you, you do for family and all those around you.

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  1. Beth
    Beth June 10, 2018 at 7:39 pm #

    I love this so much Kristin!!! Great challenge!

  2. Matece June 13, 2018 at 2:19 pm #

    I decided this year to finally learn the piano. It has fed my soul in so many ways, but to prioritize it has been challenging with all the demands of a full time working mother. This article is like wind in my sails! Thank you, Kristin!

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