Homeschool 365: Why It Works for Us

We homeschool. It is a thing. I love it! And some days…I don’t love it as much.

I get to be with my kids all the time, but I also am with my kids ALL. THE. TIME.

Our homeschool is a one-woman mom show all day, every day, 365 days a year.

  • School bus? Me.
  • Teacher? Me x 3
  • Playground supervisor? Me.
  • Summer school? Me.
  • Librarian? Nurse? Lunch lady? Me. Me. And me.

It’s…a lot. Some days we have great days and other days, we do not, but here is the thing: we have days to spend together.

A Swiss Family Robinson Inspired Day

One morning this spring as we jumped in the car, my son brought along his tablet and started a new audio-book, Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss. We had listened to it before, but it had been a long time and the story is so good that I wasn’t surprised that he had picked it again. As we drove around town running errands, we all became engrossed in the story. It was on as we hopped in and out. And when we stopped for lunch, we ate in the car so we could continue to listen. When we got home, we all laughed when we realized I could turn off the engine and the story would continue (because it was on a tablet and not the car radio.)

As I carried our sleepy baby into the house, my daughter pushed by me and came dashing back through with a pile of pillows and blankets. I asked what she was up to and she reported, “We are going to sit outside and listen to the Swiss Family Robinson!”

It was one of those first days of spring. The sky so blue and the trees just leafing out in their new spring greens. The kind of day that is full of hope and promise after winter has melted away. As I peeped out at those two little heads, tucked together under the dogwood, listening to a good book I thought, ”Yes. This is why I homeschool.”

A Sweet Reminder

I homeschool so that when my kids are still young and like to hang out together, they can spend an April afternoon daydreaming about ocean voyages and shipwrecks and unexplored islands. They can imagine what it might be like to have a big adventure all their own before life takes off and gives them adventures they can’t even imagine.

It’s not always a magical spring day of picnics and pirates – but there are elements of this gift of time in every day. Our kids have time to grow together. Time to learn together. Time to study what interests them and time to do all those things on their own. We can take things slow or hurry it up. We have time to rest and time to play. Time to go out and time to stay at home. We get to meet people of all ages and time to wonder at their pursuits. We spend time with nature and time indoors. Time with a good book and time with the ole T.V. They have time to be kids and time to grow-up. Time with family and time with friends. Time for extracurriculars and time to buckle down with the curriculum. It’s all a part of our daily…the ebb and flow of homeschool life.

It is not perfect, but there are perfect moments and I am so thankful that homeschool gives us the time to enjoy these days every day.

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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie June 12, 2019 at 2:11 pm #

    Love this! So many of the same reasons we chose to homeschool!❤

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