Season of a New Driver

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Well hello, friend! Yes, you, the friend that I haven’t seen in at least 16 years when my life forever changed. You, the friend who I see at a basketball games, volleyball matches, baseball games or the horse stables. We say, “Let’s catch up sometime.” I’ve got time now to take a step back and rekindle the friendships put on hold for the lifelong journey of raising kids.

This spring marked a milestone for me. I now have a driving, 16-year-old son. That same son, who has been momma’s boy since birth and who would rather hang at home with family than go to a friends house, is growing up. Now, he has wheels to take him to practice and he’s in control of the ride.

What I’ll Miss

I’ll miss the times when he gets in the car after practice, not smelling his best, and just wants to know what’s for dinner. I’ll miss getting up early on a Saturday morning after a late Friday night game and taking him to practices. Well, maybe not that much. I won’t have to get dressed so early on those Saturday mornings. I’m going to miss embarrassing him with my music and singing along. I will miss seeing the sweet freckles on his man-sized body out the corner of my eye as I take him where he needs to go. He will still be my little boy.

What I’ll Gain

During this season of change, I’m going to gain time with my other three kids that aren’t yet driving. I won’t have to rush at 2:40pm to pick him up for golf practice. I won’t have to stop in the middle of making dinner when he texts and tells me that he’s done with practice. I’ll be able to tuck my little ones in bed at a decent hour. I will gain the countless hours I spent waiting on him in the parking lot of a school, gym or activity even though the other kids need something, too. I’m going to gain time where he can just stop by my office after school. Most of all, I’m gaining trust for my 16-year-old son to make good choices, hoping he’s listened to all of the advice and teachings that have happened over the past 16 years.

So, I say this again. Hello, friend! Remember me? The one who was too busy to have lunch, coffee, or even go for a walk because I had to pick him up from practice? Come with me now, as this momma may need a shoulder to cry on. It was just yesterday when he wouldn’t sleep though the night, when he was jumping on my bed and we ended up in the ER for staples. It was just yesterday that he got his first pair of glasses and didn’t care how he looked because he could see better. The “just yesterdays” are the years that I am so glad that I took pictures and was there for him. I will never look back at life and say I spent too much time with my kids.

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