Switch Up Your Skin Care and Makeup for Spring

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Spring is here! I think (hope, pray, throw salt over my left shoulder) the warmer weather is here to stay. Which also means our skin is about to go through a seasonal change. It’s time to switch up your skin care and makeup for Spring! Here are some ways you can easily transition your routine with the season.

Switch out your moisturizer.

It’s time to switch out our heavier creams, moisturizers, and serums to lighter ones that won’t weigh down our skin on sunnier days. I like to go for more whipped consistency night creams (here’s the one I’ve been using) and lighter, refreshing products for under daytime makeup.

Add SPF to your routine.

And speaking of the sun? You need to make sure you’re adding an SPF to your routine. I like to always use a foundation or primer that already includes an SPF to keep my bases covered. But, I’ve also been adding this Vitamin C stick to my routine. I like that it’s a serum, but in a much lighter formula, it has vitamin c to help brighten my skin, and it contains SPF 30 for all of the extra time I’ll be spending outside.

Get yourself a facial mist!

You’re going to get hotter and you’ll want a way to wake up and refresh your skin. A primer mist will help your makeup last longer. Or, my holy grail favorite is a makeup setting mist. It will do the same thing as a primer mist, however it’s sprayed on after you’ve applied your makeup. I’ve also added different types of mists, depending on my skin’s needs, that can be applied at any step of your skincare routine. A rosewater mist is great for dry, sensitive skin. An Aloe Spray mist is great to just wake up and refresh your skin, as well as soothing skin that may have gotten a little too much sun. I get mine at a local natural store fairly inexpensively. I like to pop it into the refrigerator for an even more refreshing kick.

Lighten your makeup palette.

It’s Spring so leave behind the reds and deeper tones and bring out all of the pastels. Think pinks, lavenders, and shiny glosses over heavier, lined lips. Sometimes I even go crazy and switch up my mascara colors. Sometimes a fun blue mascara can really brighten up a look without going overboard!

Also, if you really want to glow, add a sunny highlighter to the tops of your cheeks.

Find a new fragrance and treat your toes!

I almost always switch up my fragrances in the Spring too. I toss muskier scents for lighter, brighter citrus notes. I’m a sucker for orange and grapefruit scents. This Blood Orange perfume is my current favorite. Treat yourself! Go to Target, grab a Starbucks, and smell ALL of the perfumes until you find a new Spring favorite.

It’s also time to treat yourself to a pedicure, because your toes have been in hiding all winter. As well as consistent leg-shaving, which is the only real downside to warmer weather. But, find a light Spring neutral or an Easter egg colored polish and paint those piggies!

Hooray for no more snow, and for waking up to the sun shining and birds singing! I hope these skin care and makeup tips help you get into the Spring spirit.

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