Apps Every New Mom Needs

Apps Every New Mom Needs

I have never read a book on pregnancy, parenting, nor motherhood. That might sound crazy, but considering the digitally-driven world we live in, I prepared for motherhood by reading articles, blogs, and tips on mobile apps. Of course, I also learned a lot from family, friends, doctor appointments, parenting classes, etc. But, a majority of my preparation was done via the internet.

Thanks to our smart phones, we have many resources readily available at our fingertips. For moms, this can be both a blessing and a curse. But, when used properly, we can gather a lot of information, tips, and tricks to help in our current season of motherhood.

As a new mom, I found apps that were particularly helpful with pregnancy, labor (yes, labor!), and life with a baby. Some apps are for data tracking while others simply provide knowledge. Here are some of my favorite apps that every new mom needs:

What to Expect

Let’s be honest, as a new mom I had no idea what to expect during pregnancy! I checked my What to Expect app on almost a daily basis. I appreciated the relevant articles, helpful tips, and weekly videos. This app really explains the growth and development of your precious baby from week one to week 40.

Full Term

Speaking of week 40, the Full Term app is a great option to track your contractions when labor begins. I started timing my contractions and frantically writing everything down on paper when my husband said, “There has to be an app for that.” He was right!

Baby Tracker

I love the Baby Tracker app! I use this app every day to track my baby’s feedings, diapers, and sleeping. The app keeps your data in charts and graphs and even calculates the number of ounces consumed, number of hours slept, number of wet/dirty diapers, etc. It is a dream come true for moms who love organization and consistency! Plus, with my mommy brain, it helps me remember what happens during a day.

Technology is always changing so I’m sure there will be new and improved apps by the time you have a baby. Be sure to check out all the apps available to new moms by searching the store on your smart phone.

Looking for more apps to explore? I have mommy friends who speak highly of these apps:

What apps would you recommend to new moms?

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