Baby Gear That You Never Outgrow

Our last baby is not a baby anymore. Her little summertime knees bear the scrapes and bumps of toddlerhood. Her older siblings dash down the driveway on their bikes and I am heaving a teary-eyed sigh as I pack up the sweet little onesies and booties of babyhood. 

As I put aside the baby clothes and equipment that no longer has a place in our bigger kid home, I thought about the baby gear that we have never outgrown since our first baby 12 summers ago. 


Now there is a useful thing to have around. No matter your age, you will never outgrow the need for a wet-wipe!

Bottle Brush.

Our first two babies didn’t drink out of bottles, but we are the proud owner of not one, not two, but three bottle and nipple brushes that are the handiest thing since sliced bread in the kitchen! I use them to get little bits of gunk out of everything! From coffee mugs to water bottle spouts. Perfect! We are never throwing these out. 

Baby Sunscreen.

I am an old mom and it is not even funny. Back when my oldest was a baby, I could afford a burn or two, but now that I got the old lady skin and all those lazy pool day burns from a decade ago are turning into wrinkles and sunspots, I am not even messing around with that 30 SPF. Give me 50+ or nothing for life.

Good Books.

There are just some bedtime stories that are never going to go out of style. Goodnight, Moon. Corduroy. The Runaway Bunny. There will always be room on my bookshelves for a good picture book and who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get to read them when I’m tucking my grandchildren in for the night. 

Mom Jeans.

When I see superstars in mom jeans, it makes all my dreams come true. Mom jeans forever!!!

Mom Blogs.

I just checked in with my weekly mom newsletter that gets delivered to my inbox. The same one I signed up for in pregnancy for weekly nugget updates? Well, now they send me toddler updates. My baby is 83 weeks now. Sigh. Tear. The toddler updates are encouraging and there are always links to interesting articles about this and that….like, “Baby Gear That You Never Outgrow!”

What’s on your list? Are there things you still use from your baby’s babyhood days? Any amazing products you discovered during pregnancy you now can’t live without? I’d love to hear about them. It will be a great comfort to read as I pack up the rest of these adorable little baby outfits. sniff. sniff. 

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