Babywearing Tips and Tricks

Babywearing Tips and Tricks

I’m so thankful that babywearing exists. Over the past year, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable wearing my daughter. Some days, it feels like it’s the only way we get anything done. Here are five babywearing tips and tricks to try. Share your own in the comments below!

Clip on toys.

Small toys that have clip rings for an activity gym or car seat are also perfect for clipping onto your carrier within baby’s reach. I may have looked a little silly, but I spent several months with a unicorn teether clipped onto the strap of my carrier. It saved my sanity several times.

Baby leggings as drool pads.

Babies love to chew, and my daughter gnaws the straps of our favorite carrier when she’s teething. Drool pads are an absolute must. I was all set to sew or buy some when I discovered this perfect alternative that we already owned. Inexpensive, stretchy, soft, and washable, baby leggings (the kind that look like legwarmers) make the perfect drool pads that slip right on your carrier straps.

Keep baby warm.

Did you know that there are hoodies and sweatshirts specifically for babywearing? This is a great idea if you spend time wearing your baby outdoors in the cold weather. If you’d rather not buy a new piece, you can use what’s already in your closet. Once your baby is in the carrier, put on a zip-up hoodie backwards. This will cover baby’s arms and legs comfortably. Then, put your own coat on normally. Always make sure your baby’s face isn’t covered so that she can breathe.

Keep little legs covered.

I loved hiking with my daughter last fall, but no matter what combination of pants, socks, and booties I dressed her in, once I loaded her into the carrier her little calves were exposed. I noticed a friend’s idea and have been copying it ever since. Dress your little one (boy or girl!) in tights as a base layer, with their pants and other clothing over top. This will keep their legs covered even if the carrier pulls their pants up a bit. 

Ask for help.

This isn’t a trick, just a helpful tip! If you are new to babywearing or want to make sure you’re doing it safely, just ask your local babywearing group. Here in Bloomington, we have the Bloomington Babywearers group. They have an active Facebook group and frequent meetups. When I needed help figuring out my ring sling for the first time, I dropped by one of their play dates and got some friendly one-on-one help from someone experienced. Babywearing should be safe and comfortable for both the adult and the baby. When you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out!

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