Goodbye, Bloomington. Thanks for the Memories!

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It is with a bittersweet heart that I have to announce my time here in Bloomington has come to an end. Bloomington is where my husband and I purchased our first home. It is also where we became parents to our son and daughter. 

I became a parent in Bloomington.

I couldn’t have asked for a better city to become a parent in. Bloomington is overflowing with life and opportunities to better oneself. If you are considering moving to Bloomington or have just recently arrived, I would highly suggest embedding yourself into the city. While I was pregnant with and after I had both of my children, we spent a great deal of time walking around downtown and taking in our surroundings. The beautiful thing about Bloomington is that no matter where you are in the city, you can meet people from every walk of life. You may meet someone, like my husband, who was born and raised in Indiana and has never left. Or, you could meet someone who may be from another country, another state or someone who likes to be constantly on the move. 

Try new things wherever you live!

Don’t be afraid to dive in head first and try new experiences! Being new in a city can be difficult, being a new mom in a new city is even more difficult. But, Bloomington makes it easy! During our trips downtown, we would frequently go to the library. We are so very fortunate in Monroe County to have an excellent library system. The programs that are put on downtown and at the Ellettsville location are top notch. We frequented the “Baby and Me” program, story time and of course, the train table. The baby room at the downtown location is a wonderful resource to get you and your infant out of the house and interacting with other moms and infants in a safe, friendly environment. 

Look for ways to meet other moms.

Also, Bloomington Moms Blog has partnered with Chic-Fil-A to host occasional mom meetups. This is a wonderful time to meet some truly amazing mothers and have the opportunity to expand your tribe. Our team of Moms are at each meet-up, which gives you an opportunity to put a face to our names, meet our kiddos and enjoy a yummy meal! You will hopefully walk away from this encounter feeling renewed and supported as a mother, potentially meeting some wonderful new friends. 

Again, I would urge you to step out of your comfort zone and dive in head first into a new experience in Bloomington! 

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