Parenting Styles: Hold Their Hand or Let Them Fly?

The answer to that question is probably both, but does anyone really know?

The fine line between helicopter mom and ‘let them learn the hard way’ is a tough line to walk. My husband goes by the thought that kids need a little bit of struggle in their life  I agree….a bit. But, at the same time, I want to do pretty much everything for them. Whoops? Maybe. Probably, in fact. But, who really knows?
As a former teacher, I’ve seen all types of parenting. The good & the bad.  I’ve seen parents take their child’s every word as truth. I’ve seen parents be closed-minded. I’ve experienced parents who truly believe their kid is the most behaved, friendliest, kindest person in the classroom when in fact it was the exact opposite. And, I’ve had parents all but call me a liar when speaking about their child’s behavior.
On the other hand, I’ve seen kids that don’t have any adult supervision. Kids crying out for attention and receiving none. Kids coming to school with days of homework crumbled in their backpack, who have not had a bath in days, who have stories to tell that break your heart so much you consider taking them home with you.

Finding the Parenting Style that Works for You

Even though I’m not a classroom teacher anymore I learned some great lessons from those experiences. Things I want and don’t want to do as a parent. I’ve learned there are times I want to hold their hand and times I want them to fly on their own.
I am walking that correct way of parenting fine line, like many of us. It is our daily walk that leads me to believe that maybe we are doing something right. Our parenting style means we care about our kiddos and want the best for them. It also means we want to do our best to parent our kids the best way we know how.
Know this mama, if you’re worried if it’s the right or the wrong thing to do, you’re doing great. Keep it up. We have a hard job. Luckily we have each other to fall back on.

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