The Sensitive Ears of a Pregnant Mom

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As moms, we all know pregnancy can be exciting, terrifying, joyful, and stressful. Hang on tight for a roller-coaster of emotions! With all these emotions (and extra hormones!), I found my pregnant-self upset the most by seemingly harmless comments from both friends and strangers.

As a first time mom going through pregnancy, I found the playful, lighthearted comments were the ones that stuck the most.


Things like:

  • Childbirth is awful. Good luck to you!
  • Get plenty of sleep while you still can! (I heard this comment all.the.time.)
  • Enjoy your free time now.
  • Your body will never be the same.
  • Don’t eat too much or you’ll get fat. (Yep, someone actually said this to me…)

I discovered that people like to joke about the negative sides of pregnancy and motherhood, when to me this was no joking matter. Once the comment was said, they’d usually laugh and carry on. But, I would be stuck on the comment. My mind would start racing. What if I have a scary birth experience? Will I really never sleep again? What if I can’t lose the baby weight?

Looking back, I know people meant these as harmless comments to make me laugh and smile. But, the opposite was true as I cried and worried. 

It’s time for us to make a difference by encouraging soon-to-be moms instead of adding to their anxiety!

Let’s tell pregnant moms about the love they’ll feel the first time they hold their baby. Or, the joy they’ll feel watching their husband become a dad. We can’t forget to tell soon-to-be moms about the good moments. 

Things like:

  • Just wait until you see your baby’s face for the first time!
  • You will love baby snuggles!
  • Motherhood looks good on you!
  • Your baby’s smile will melt your heart!
  • Your life is about to get so much sweeter!

The best comments we can share with pregnant moms are words of encouragement that are kind, helpful, and promote the beauty of motherhood. Sure, childbirth might be scary, you may not get a lot of rest, and your body might take on a new shape. There is truth in the playful comments. But, I have found the good moments of motherhood strongly outweigh the bad. Let’s help soon-to-be moms focus on the good!

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