pregnant woman holding belly advice story

Parenting Advice Overload

Throughout my nine months of pregnancy, I gathered as much parenting advice as I could from mothers whom I admire. I would talk about motherhood with other expecting moms, moms with one child, or moms with multiple children.  I asked all sorts of questions ranging from “How do you get your baby to sleep at night?” [...]
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Pregnant woman sitting in a rocking chair looking at her belly

Part 2: Making Maternity Leave Work for You

There are many opinions about how to approach maternity leave, and rightfully so. Each new mom and their employer have a different set of needs and expectations. This two-part series suggests some key things you should consider while planning your maternity leave. In Part 1: Making Maternity Leave Work for You we talked about: Starting your leave early [...]
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teen boy driving

Season of a New Driver

Well hello, friend! Yes, you, the friend that I haven't seen in at least 16 years when my life forever changed. You, the friend who I see at a basketball games, volleyball matches, baseball games or the horse stables. We say, "Let's catch up sometime." I've got time now to take a step back and [...]
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