Drew mothers day

She Shared Her Son with Me

Does he have her eyes? Does his whole-face smile come from her? Would she recognize him today? Questions about my son’s biological mother fill my mind daily. And on Mother’s Day, the questions come faster and stronger. What would she want Drew to know about her life? Who does he look most like? Where does […]

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Mawmaw and Grandson

The Joy and Pain of Mother’s Day

For me, this Mother's Day represents both the beauty and the frailty of life.  My heart is filled with joy as I celebrate my first Mother's Day with my baby boy. Mother's Day is a celebration of this beautiful journey called motherhood. It is a celebration of the women who inspire and guide me every step of the way. [...]
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Mother’s Day, Hooray!

How do I feel about a day celebrating the job I work so hard at 365 days a year? I must admit, I'm thrilled. These days the hard, complex, ever-evolving work of moms seems to be talked about and written about non stop. So a little celebration is appreciated! But on Mother's Day I am [...]
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White American mother with adopted Ethiopian son

Each Mother’s Day is Different

Since I was a very young child, it seems Mother’s Day has taken on a slightly different meaning each year. From whatever “normal” is to losing my mother at young age to learning to love a second mom. Then realizing their immense worth as I became an adult and then as a mom of four […]

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A Collage of Mother and Son Pictures

The Gift of a Mother’s Love

Last Mother’s Day, my husband gifted (a very pregnant) me with three dozen roses — one for every year I had been waiting to become a mother. Through my close relationship with my own ‘mum,’ I developed a picture of what I desired motherhood to look like. Now that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

This year marks the first Mother's Day where I am actually a mother. (Yay! I love being a Mom!) I've always made the effort to say a special thank you to my Mom and Grandma on Mother's Day; but, honestly, I think it is more important to honor the mothers in our lives every day! [...]
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Mother’s Day Reflection

I was raised by three great-grandmas, two grandmas, and a great-aunt. There was not a single day I did not see at least one, but usually two, of my grandmothers. Some were polar opposites from one another. My Grandma rarely left her house, except for church. My Granny ate nearly every meal at a restaurant […]

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four generations of women

My Mom, My Best Friend

I know I went through the usual teenage angst and rebellion, but even then, I cannot remember a time when my mom wasn’t my best friend. My mom is hilarious, passionate, creative, smart, and so much more. She loves her kids selflessly, loves her family without reservation, and still manages to find time to volunteer […]

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mother and daughter on a country road

My Mama from a Mama’s Eyes

The first anniversary of the day I became a mama is quickly approaching and this nostalgic time calls for reflection on my first year of motherhood. The joys and struggles of this new job title, mother, has opened my eyes to what other mothers, especially my own, have gone through before me. I think back [...]
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